How To Fold Fitted Sheets

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The world is rapidly moving forward, hand in hand with technology. Modern technology makes many things easier and less time-consuming to accomplish. However, some things continue to require manual efforts, such as folding fitted sheets. Fitted sheets are one of the things that can only be folded manually. Folding fitted sheets can be a frustrating task due to the presence of elastic corners. Although it might be easier to roll it into a mess, it is not more effective. One of the secrets to easy living is learning how to fold a fitted sheet. When you don’t know how to fold a fitted quilt, sheet, or any bedding accessory, and you have to conserve linen closet space, it can be a real problem. However, fitted sheets can be easy to fold, and the good news is, it doesn’t take much practice.

However, if you don’t know what you are doing, it can be a tedious and time-consuming task to fold a fitted sheet. The need for a quick and more efficient method can be a life-saver. You can easily learn a convenient method to neatly fold your fitted sheets. With this foolproof technique, you can finally say goodbye to wrinkled, scrunched-up sheets. When folded properly, a fitted sheet can be stored neatly and takes up less space in your linen closet.

Although the elastic corners of a fitted sheet keep them from sliding off a mattress, they make it seem impossible to fold them neatly. It is very likely that many fitted sheets have been stuffed into your linen closet in a big wad after futile attempts at folding them properly.  However frustrating they are to fold, it is indeed a fact that fitted sheets are a necessity for a well-made bed. They also improve the experience of your night of sleep. 

So, if you want a proven method of folding fitted sheets and are longing for a linen closet that is tidily filled with neatly folded linens, you are at the right place! Simply follow these easy-to-do five steps!

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Step 1 – Make it a Square

By holding the corners of the sheet, hold it lengthwise. Lay the sheet with the longer sides horizontally and the shorter ends hanging down. Place your hands inside two adjacent corners. The bottom of the sheet should face outward as you arrange the sheet in your hands. The top should face your body.

Step 2 – Carefully Fold the Sheet

Overlap the corner from your right hand with the corner from your left. Line up the seams of the two corners you’re holding together. Tuck together the edges of the two corners you’re holding together.

Picture folding one sock over another to understand how this works. It will help you understand the  process more easily. To begin with, ensure that all the elastic should now be neatly lined up together from both sides. If you’re left-handed, fold the corner in your left hand over the corner in your right hand instead.

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Step 3 – Smooth the Crease

Adding the bottom corner to the top two will complete it. Grab the corner closest to you with your right hand, then pinch the corners together with your left hand. Fold it up so that all three corners are neatly folded together and tuck the edge in between the two you just folded together.

To get neater creases, you should fold the bottom corners one at a time.

In an alternative fold, you can bring the bottom two corners together, fold them together, then fold them into the first two corners.

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Step 4 – Fold it Horizontally

Straighten the edges of the sheet and bring up the last corner. Having left one corner hanging down, and the other three in your left hand, you ought to have one corner left hanging down. To smooth the edges that are hanging down, fold the last corner in so it’s aligned with the other corners.

Alternatively, it’s easy to straighten a sheet by placing your fingers in the fold at the bottom and pulling and shaking the fabric until the edges are parallel.

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Step 5 – Done & Dusted

Fold the sheet into thirds horizontally. To fold your sheet into a square, you just need to create a neat rectangle. Approximately one-third of the way toward the middle of the rectangle, fold one side of the sheet. Once you have folded the final side of the fitted sheet, you will have a neatly folded sheet!

A neatly folded fitted sheet will result from folding the final side. It may be necessary to fold the long rectangle into quarters rather than thirds if you have a king-size bed. This can be accomplished by folding the sheet in half lengthwise and then again in half

Note: Due to the elastic corners, you may want to work on a flat surface with your fitted sheet. This can be your bed, floor, or any other flat surface. The above mentioned steps are simple and will make folding your fitted sheets less time-consuming and more efficient. Hence, following these steps can make the process easier for you. 

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In a Nutshell

Folding fitted sheets may already be an easy task for some, but it can be a frustrating and time-consuming task for others. But fitted sheets are a necessity when it comes to making a neat bed and enjoying a comfortable night’s sleep.  With practice, the process will become easy and hassle-free. You will be able to stop rolling your fitted sheets into messy balls and just haphazardly stuffing them into your linen closet. Besides having a neater, more organized linen closet, you will also create additional space by folding properly. Other benefits of learning a proper folding method for fitted sheets is that you will save time and energy and they will be less wrinkled when on your bed. Also, you will feel a great sense of accomplishment!

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