How To Create Storage Under Beds

Plush toys stored in baskets under toddler crib in tidy baby bedroom

Do you want a clutter-free home? There are several clever under-bed storage ideas that won’t make you feel like a freshman again. So, whether your bedroom needs some tidying or your closet’s overflowing, you’ll want to check some under-bed storage ideas to help you. Extra space always helps in giving your home a neat appearance. Some homeowners prefer getting extra cabinets to nail the moment, however, it can be rather expensive. If brainstormed, you can get amazing ideas to maximize your storage.

It’s common for people to forget about the space underneath their beds, resulting in dust bunnies, mismatched socks, and crumpled tissues (we won’t ask). A small bedroom or guest room with little space or little storage might benefit from utilizing the under-bed area as an additional storage space. In addition, under-bed storage is a great solution for those with limited closet and drawer space. Since each home and person has different tastes and preferences for storing material, you can assess under-bed storage containers’ capacity, durability, and maneuverability.

In contrast to items stored in an attic, storing apparel, bedding, or out-of-season items under a bed puts them close to hand and makes them easy to access in an emergency. Additionally, they’re out of sight, so your more décor-friendly bedroom ideas can stand out. Here are some remarkable and affordable ways to get more storage for your stuff:

Shoe Boxes Make the Best Organizers

Shoe boxes are something that are available in every house. These boxes can be amazing containers to store some of your stuff under the bed. Shoeboxes are perfect to create extra storage as they protect your stuff from all of these elements like dust, dust mites, and sunlight.

The preservation of fine leather, cork, and other organic materials is made easier by boxing up and organizing your clothes and other stuff. However, wrapping them can be optional. Dust, sunlight, and temperature extremes can drastically ruin your stuff if not organized properly.

stacks of shoeboxes in different colors

Swap Wheeled Boxes

Anything with wheels makes it more convenient to move and carry it from one place to another. While considering making enough space beneath your bed, going for wheeled boxes can be brilliant.

For those who cannot afford to purchase a new bed, an under-bed drawer that can be used with an existing bed frame is a less expensive alternative to consider. Under-bed drawers can be bought separately or in sets and are made of solid wood or casters that glide beneath the bed frame.

Wheeled drawers can make accessing storage easier, or you can add casters to old dresser drawers for easy mobility. By storing your stuff in these drawers, you’ll find it easier to use it whenever you like.

With an under-bed wheeled container you can store belongings out of sight, but easily roll them out when needed. Books, out-of-season clothing, linens, hobby items, and more can be stored in this large storage box. Additionally, the lid prevents dust and pests from accessing the contents.

Easy Access Drawers

Easy-to-access storage drawers are another inexpensive method for increasing storage space without much effort. You can store and access your stuff with the drawers whenever you want. If you don’t want to buy one, an under-bed drawer can serve as a cheaper alternative to a new bed frame.

There are several purposes to making the most out of these drawers. These drawers can also be used to store some kids’ stuff. Toys, games, and dress-up clothes can be stored under kids’ beds in drawers. You can also store spare pillows and blankets in guest rooms.

Under Bed Storages We Love

Make It Classy With a Vintage Storage Trunk

An average bed height is typically about 24 inches from the floor, this is the height of the frame/mattress. However, the bed height varies between 18 and 36 inches on antique beds and cast-iron bedsteads.

As a result of the higher bed frame, there’s extra space under the bed to store items. A decorative design may look more visually appealing if there is no valance and the under-bed area will be on display. Roll-out drawers are another option, but if there’s no valance, an exposed under-bed area may look more visually appealing. The painted metal bedstead is complemented perfectly by a pair of vintage-style trunks that provide plenty of space for bulky blankets and eiderdowns.

Two brown vintage steamer trunks

Work on Some Amazing Ideas for The Little Ones

Children’s rooms often suffer from lacking toy storage ideas, along with a lack of space for clothes and bedding. A great small bedroom storage idea is to use under-bed space, which can also be accessible from the floor, making it easier for children to clean up after themselves.

The key to smart storage in children’s bedrooms or homes without a dedicated playroom is to make use of limited space. With the area beneath a cabin bed, you can store toys and other games, making it an excellent option for those who are short on space. Additionally, the shelves should be high enough for the books to be easily accessible at bedtime.

Ottoman Storage Would Help

Having an ottoman-style storage bed may be the perfect solution for items you don’t need every day. As it’s hollowly constructed and has a mattress supported by slats, it offers a much bigger storage area beneath the bed than drawer divans, which are divided into countless compartments.

A gas-lift hydraulic system controls the lifting of the mattress at both ends and on one side of the ottoman bed to make it easier to lift. Ottoman beds get their name from their ability to lift upwards, so they aren’t space-consuming. The only drawback is that they’re more difficult to open than regular drawers, so can be better used for seasonal storage than everyday items.

Picking a divan might be your best option if storage is essential; you’ll maximize storage space under the bed without taking up extra floor space, which is particularly crucial in small bedrooms. In addition, integrated drawer storage fits seamlessly with the divan base to provide safe storage for any bedroom essentials.

It’s also possible to invest in an ottoman bed with an automatic lifting mechanism for quick and easy storage. Instead of being divided into compartments or drawers, the bed base provides space for larger, bulkier items.

Bed with lift-up storage access underneath

Transparent Organizers Are a Plus Point

Rather than storing out-of-season shoes and boots on top of the closet, you can store them under the bed instead to free up valuable space. Shoes fit perfectly in shallow space and are still easily accessible when needed.

Make shoe storage easy to manage by opting for under-bed storage ideas with separate compartments that enable you to store pairs together instead of letting them flop around. You’ll be able to find your favorite pair of impractical heels with transparent lids. 

Merge Under-Bed Storage and Sleeping Space

Consider a trundle bed instead of a regular divan to take advantage of the under-bed space in nurseries and children’s rooms. When rolled out, the trundle can be used both as a giant drawer to store toys or bedding or as a sleepover solution when a mattress is inserted. Some bed designs combine both mattress space and drawer storage to use the entire area.

Space-saving bunk beds with an extra bed stored beneath the lower bunk

Locked Boxes For Your Gadgets

Gadgets deserve extra care and protection. Most of the time, storing a gadget when it’s not in use can be a huge hassle. The solution can be quite simple, and it can be relatively inexpensive. Purchase some lockable boxes, as well as waterproof ones. Boxes such as these would help you store your tech devices without spending too much money.

Safes and locked boxes — especially those with wheels — can be stored beneath a bed. It’s a good place to keep items you don’t use regularly, such as valuables and important documents.

Vacuum Your Plastic Storage Bag to Get More Space

In addition to bulky bedding, even when stored under the bed, out-of-season clothing can take up far more space. In addition to reducing the size of storage bags, vacuum-storage bags remove excess air from them, so they are easier to store. Bags sealed against dust, moisture, and moths also prevent the contents from becoming contaminated.

You should make sure your seasonal clothing and bedding are protected both when they’re packed and when they’re stored. Items can be packed into vacuum totes that take up a fraction of the original space. To keep the contents clean and free of dirt, dust, and moisture, seal the inner bag, vacuum out the air, then zip up the outer bag.

Closeup of someone vacuum-sealing a storage bag

Get a See-Through Bag for Your Shoes

A built-in storage bed offers efficient storage as well as ample space to store all your belongings. A close approximation can be made even if you don’t have access to a storage bed. You can create a totally neat storage area by designing your own organized area.

Shoes can be stored in various ways, but some factors are important no matter what. Maintaining their shape and keeping them clean are the most important things you can do.

We’ve got some tips to help you get started, whether you’re looking for long-term or short-term shoe storage. Unlike a frumpy bed skirt, a clever shoe organizer like this one fits virtually any bed and can be used for much more than simply shoe storage. Books, toys, and toiletries can also be stowed away in see-through plastic pockets.

It’s nice having a transparent bin under your bed because you can see exactly what’s underneath at any angle. In addition, with so many sizes to choose from, you can use them for all sorts of items, including holiday decorations, off-season clothing, and even smaller items like craft supplies and children’s toys.

Under Bed Storages We Love

Get Slippable Zipped Bags

The storage under the bed can be enhanced in several ways. For example, you can use thin, water-resistant, and lightweight zipped bags to protect your goods.

One of the most attractive aspects of this is the ability to lock your stuff so no one around can sneak and take your stuff. Furthermore, these bags won’t absorb any more space under the bed and are easy to slip under the bed. Finally, a zipped bag can be easily stacked on top of another to allow you to store more in less space.

Bags with zippers are a great solution for storing rarely used items, such as holiday decorations, blankets, pillows, and linens. Simply vacuum extra sets of linens into the bags to keep them organized.

Go for Baskets with Lids

Storage under the bed is made easier by using baskets and boxes, one of the most preferred methods. Fortunately, there are hundreds of options to choose from. Under-bed storage baskets may glide out of the way without scratching the floor. Their sturdy lid keeps dust and critters out. Try woven baskets with handles for items you use more often and need easy access to, such as extra bath towels, books, electronics, or craft supplies. Despite their ease of removal, they won’t be an eyesore if you forget to put them back.

stacks of woven baskets with lids

Try Suitcase for Rarely Used Stuff

While assembling and organizing stuff, there are some things to keep in mind. For clothes and shoes that you use daily, storing them in transparent bag would do the best, but the stuff you rarely use has to be stored properly, so it remains the same whenever you want to utilize it.

If you’re someone who has multiple suitcases for checked and carry-on luggage, storing them will always be a challenge. Besides taking up a lot of space, they don’t provide much convenience either! So, here‘s an easier way, nests and packs are the best way to store them.

How To Keep Your Under-Bed Storage Clean?

It is essential to protect everything stored underneath the bed from dust and moths since the area under the bed can become extremely dusty. Ensure that the area under the bed is clean by sweeping or vacuuming regularly to prevent dust from building up.

Use the long attachment on your vacuum to access the space under your bed (or a long-handled broom) by removing any items stored under the bed, wiping them over, and then using a vacuum attachment to clean the space. If your bedstead or frame has an open top, you might want to install a linen valance which will act as a cover-up and prevent too much dust from accumulating.

Before getting anything to organize the mess under your bed, keep these in mind:

Type of Storage

In addition to lidded plastic bins, foldable zippered bags, fabric boxes, woven baskets, and free-standing drawers, there are other types of under-bed storage solutions that you can explore. Before shopping around, measure your under-bed space and decide accordingly.

Variations in Size

You may even be able to fit two bins under your bed if yours are narrow and shallow enough, but others may be too high. For enough clearance, make sure that the bin is at least half an inch shorter than the bottom of your bed frame. In addition to durability, function, and appearance, the material is also important.


Several plastic bins are available in clear plastic, which is generally durable and absorbs dust. They’re also visible, so you can easily determine what’s inside. Bins made from fabric with zippers are rigid or foldable and have less structure. Besides the dust-sealing bins, you can also find basket-style bins that look appealing but aren’t dust-sealing.

You may want to conceal clear plastic bins and shoe organizers if you choose some under-bed storage solutions as pretty as a display. You might want to consider getting some sort of bed skirt in this situation. Although bed skirts may seem dated, there are some excellent modern options, like bed wraps.

Final Verdict

When the storage cabinets have no space left, and the closets are fully packed, the best place you can go is under the bed. These under-bed storage ideas are budget-friendly, and a smart way to organize your stuff. Nine out of ten times, the search for extra space in a bedroom leaves the homeowner frustrated and stumped. If your garage is full, and there’s no space available, why not give a peek under your bed? You can easily add storage without spending extra money.

Under-bed storage is no different from other home projects; you need to plan your approach. Don’t let belongings pile up or be strewn around the workspace. Instead, keep it neat, organized, and well-managed. If you want to disguise plain storage boxes, pick attractive containers or hang a stylish bed skirt. Consider purchasing or making storage items that fit properly beneath the bed instead of simply sliding bins or boxes underneath. Choosing storage solutions with wheels or adding your own casters is a better option if the room is prone to dust infiltration; lidded containers are better if your items need to be accessed frequently. We hope this article helps get you and your home organized and looking exactly how you want. 

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