How to Choose the Best Twin Bed Frame

Perhaps the most popular bed size for children and teenagers is the twin sized bed. While there are several different sizes to choose from, a one-person bed frees up space for playing, storing toys or a desk for studying in a small space. 

In this article, we will look at the benefits of a twin bed frame and provide information to help you choose the best twin bed frame to meet your needs.

The Benefits of a Bed Frame

When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, your bed is an essential piece of furniture. Not only does it provide a comfortable place to rest your head, but it also plays a role in supporting your body and spine. That’s why investing in a quality bed frame is worth the money.

A bed frame helps to evenly distribute your body weight. This can improve circulation and prevent pressure sores. A bed frame also provides support for the mattress. This prevents the mattress from sagging, which can cause lumps and make your mattress uncomfortable, less supportive of you, and cause wear and tear on the mattress that will reduce its useful life.

If you don’t have a bed frame, consider investing in one to get the most out of your mattress.

a bed frame



The first thing to check off your list is to decide what type of bed frame you want. There are three main types of bed frames: metal, solid wood, and upholstered.

Metal frames are the most common and are usually the cheapest option. They’re also the most durable and can hold a heavier mattress foundation.

Solid wood frames are sturdy, have a warm aesthetic, and are usually more expensive than other options.

Upholstered bed frames can be made from fabrics and materials, from leather to polyester.

Ultimately, it would help if you chose a bed frame that matches the overall personality of your bedroom. 

Another thing to remember when choosing the frame is the type of mattress you will be using. Some bed frames can only accommodate certain types of mattresses.

For example, if you have a traditional coil spring mattress, you’ll need a bed frame with metal coils. If you have a memory foam or latex mattress, you’ll need a bed frame with wood slat support or some other support system. Without the correct support system for your mattress, the bed frame may not be able to provide you with the comfort you need. 

There are very few things in life where the cost of the item does not play an important part in the purchase, and that includes bed frames. 

Before you start shopping, you want to determine how much you are willing to spend for the bed and bed frame, and then work on finding the best option within your budget. Those on a limited budget might look for bargain-priced metal or wooden frames in a discount store. Those wanting something more stylish or luxurious, and have the available resources for that style and luxury, can find what they are looking for in an upscale furniture store.

Another pre-shopping activity is to measure the space in your bedroom to determine what size frame will fit comfortably. You obviously need room around the bed for other items and space to move around. 

Make sure to read the reviews before purchasing a bed frame to ensure you get a good quality product.

Also take stock of your needs. If you are planning to remain in your current home for many years, you probably want to invest in a high-quality bed. If you just need a place to sleep at night in a temporary location or if you move frequently, you probably want a less expensive model.wooden bedframe

Bed Height Preference

When it comes to picking a bed height, there are a few key points to review. One is your body size. Taller people will want a higher bed so they don’t feel like they are sleeping too low to the ground. If you are shorter, you may want a bed that is lower to the ground so you don’t have to strain to get on and off of it.

Another key attribute is the height of your bedroom furniture. If your furniture is high, you may want a taller bed to access everything easily without bending down. If your nightstands or dressers are low, you might choose a lower bed so everything matches.

The type and size of your mattress are also necessary when purchasing a bed frame. If you are looking for a low-rise bed, but your mattress is 8-12 inches high, purchasing a bed frame positioned high off the ground would not be the best choice. 

Will You Need a Box Spring? 

A box spring is a metal frame that sits on the floor and supports a mattress. It used to be common to use a box spring, but many people now skip it and use a mattress on the floor.

If you have an older bed or a very soft mattress, you may need a box spring to keep your bed from sagging. If you buy a new bed, you can skip the box spring and save money.

Specific bed frames are only built to support a mattress, and using a box spring may throw off the aesthetic or dimish the framework’s support. If you’re using a box spring for your bed, make sure your bed frame is equipped to house it. 

What’s Your Aesthetic?

When buying a bed frame, you will want to follow your current bedroom aesthetics. A bed frame can be a great way to update the look of your room without spending a lot of money.

If you have a mid-century modern style, try a metal bed frame in brown or white. A wooden bed frame might be better if your style is more traditional. Bed frames are also available in various colors and materials, so you can find one that matches the decor in your room.

“I’ve always said you must curate a space rather than decorate it”, says interior designer Amy Lau . “That means using collections that complement the particular characteristics of each object. During the design phase, it’s essential to outline unique and personal environments that can filter diverse styles, objects, and preferences with an avant-garde look.” Lau says “this process gives life to spaces that are both sophisticated and delicate extensions of the client’s interests.”white wooden frame

Advantages of a Twin Bed

Twin beds are easier to move around than larger bed frames, which makes them a good choice for people who rearrange their furniture often. Twin beds are best suited for children, but can also accommodate most adults.

Twin beds are also a good choice for a guest bed. Many twin bed frames, such as those we will look at later in this article, have a lot of storage space underneath them. This is especially helpful if you have a children’s room and need some extra space for their toys.

Twin Bed Frames for Any Bedroom

A bed frame can give a bedroom a sense of personality, style, and comfort. Whether you’re looking for a new twin bedframe for yourself or your children, you want to find a high-quality bed that is built well and fits your aesthetic needs. Finding a bedframe online can be challenging if you aren’t sure where to look.

There are several models of bed frames on the market, but we have selected a few of what we consider the best twin bed frames available online. Check out these options below, read about their features, and decide if one is right for you. 

DHP Metal Canopy Bed Frame

DHP’s metal canopy bed frame is the perfect choice for anyone looking to add a bit of elegance to their bedroom. With its fairytale charm, this frame makes a beautiful centerpiece for any child’s room. The canopy design is unique, sophisticated, and luxurious.

Draping a few colorful curtains or fabrics across the upper frame allows you to create beautiful enclosed bed space. The white twin bed frame is made of durable, high-quality metal. The head and footboard feature an  enticing heart scroll design.

The twin mattress can rest directly on the metal bed frame, requiring no additional support. There is no need for a box spring because the frame’s metal slats keep the mattress supported and flat.

Although this bed’s design is intricate, assembly is a breeze. DHP’s canopy bed can support up to 225 lbs, making it an excellent choice for most children. This frame comes in white, gold, pink, and pewter and in twin and full sizes.

Price: $160.00

Review from amazon:

“This bed seems very well made. There were many pieces to put together upon opening the box, but the instructions were clear and well thought out. The bed included all the hardware to put it together, with extras leftover. Our daughter loves this bed!” 

DHP Metal Canopy Bed Frame
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DUMEE Vintage Bed Frame

DUMEE’s vintage white twin bed frame consists of solid, high-quality metal. The metal is paired with a powder paint finish that gives it an antique yet modern look.

One important feature of a bed is the storage space beneath it. Not all beds provide enough space to store boxes, books, or toys underneath. DUMEE designs this bed to stand 12″ off the floor to allow for ample storage and easy access. A high off-the-ground bed also makes it easier to vacuum under.

Purchasing a bed online can be intimidating because you may not know how difficult it will be to assemble. In this case, each piece of this white twin bed frame comes in a single box with guided arrows that walk you through an easy assembly process.

A box spring is not necessary with this frame, and it comes equipped with white metal slats that offer your mattress the same support as a traditional box spring. DUMEE provides a 12-month free service warranty to ensure the bed meets your standards for a comfortable, peaceful night’s sleep. 

Price: $135.99

Review from Amazon:

“Everything in the ‘bed kit’ was marked, wrapped separately. It took my friend about 1 1/2 hours to put it all together. The bed looks great. To go with this, I bought a hybrid mattress. I am so happy I bought this. It looks good, feels good.”

DUMEE Vintage Bed Frame
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DHP Dakota Upholstered Platform Bed

The next platform bed frame on our list is for those looking for a high-end aesthetic.

The headboard and bed frame are made of white faux leather. DHP’s white twin bed frame is equipped with metal side rails to guarantee stability and durability. There is a center metal rail and leg for added support.

Instead of a box spring, this twin platform bed frame contains a bentwood slat system that is strong enough to support your mattress.

DHP’s twin platform bed rests close to the ground. This can be aesthetically pleasing, but it can also provide more safety if the bed will be used by a young child. The closer to the floor, the shorter the fall should the youngster roll out of bed during the night, trip while getting up onto it, or  fall off while imitating those naughty little monkeys who are always jumping on the bed.

There isn’t any storage room underneath the frame, so you won’t have to worry about climbing underneath it trying to shuffle through storage or clean up any toys your child may have hidden. If storage is a must-have, DHP offers a version of this frame as a storage bed, equipped with side drawers that allow you to store books, toys, or other bedroom essentials. You have the option to purchase this upholstered bed frame in white, black, gray, and brown. 

Price: $233.12

Reivew from Amazon:

“I’ve purchased this in a twin and now a queen size and love them! Great quality, great packaging, and what I expected. I love the storage space it provides and how the storage space is closed off with plastic rather than it being open like some other ones I was looking at.”

DHP Dakota Upholstered Platform Bed
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Simlife Twin Size Bed Frame

If you’re looking for a well-made, durable, supportive bed frame, the Simlife twin frame is a good choice for you. This modern, sleek piece of furniture pairs well with just about any room.

Unlike standard bed frames, this frame has six metal legs to provide all the support that is needed. The frame is made of 100% durable steel and sits 12.5 inches off the ground. This provides plenty of space to store boxes and other belongings out of sight until needed. If the bed is for a child’s room, you can easily stash away toys until the next playtime.

Even though this is a twin size bed, its design and quality make it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a simple yet elegant bed frame. Simlife offers this frame in white, black, and gold varieties.

Price: $79.99

Review from Amazon:

“One person ease of assembly. It’s very sturdy, not needing a box spring. Great sleeping at night or just an afternoon nap.”

Simlife Twin Size Bed Frame
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Zinus Metal Canopy Bed Frame

Zinus also has a canopy bed frame that may interest you. A canopy bed adds a sense of style and personality to a bedroom. You can drape your favorite fabrics, lights, and decorative vines around the upper frame to give your bed your own special look.

Zinus’ elegant and glamorous bed frame is beautifully crafted and features an attractive matte-finished paint. The frame is made of durable, solid steel that is long-lasting and squeak-free. The Zinus canopy frame has the most under-bed storage of those models we researched — an impressive 14 inches off the ground. Not only does this allow more storage, but it also means it will be easier to drag those boxes out when the contents are once again needed.

This bed does not require a boxspring. The frame is equipped with slats to support all mattress types. While it looks elegant, the Zinus is also easy to assemble. All of the tools, parts and instructions are included with the frame. Zinus also provides a worry-free five-year warranty with your purchase. 

Review from Amazon:

“My daughter picked this bed out and I was a little worried how it would be for the price. She’s 14. She put it together herself and it is fantastic. Sturdy and yet easy to move. Great bed.”

Zinus Metal Canopy Bed Frame
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Buying Online vs. In Store

When it is time to buy a new bed frame, some people prefer to go to the store so they can see and feel the product before making a purchase. There are certainly some advantages to that when buying furniture you will be sleeping and sitting on.

However, buying a bed frame online has several benefits the buyer should consider. For one, online shopping is often much cheaper than buying items from physical stores. Many online retailers offer free shipping, so there isn’t even that “additional cost” the brick-and-mortar store doesn’t have. 

Another benefit of buying a bed frame online is that consumers have a more comprehensive selection literally at their fingertips. Online retailers often carry more products than physical stores, making it easier for shoppers to find the perfect frame for their needs.

Online shoppers are also able to easily compare prices and features of the various bed frames quickly and easily. 

Concluding Thoughts

A twin bed frame is an excellent addition to just about any bedroom. Its small size leaves space for other furniture, especially in a small room.

We have looked at a few of the best twin bed frames that offer attractive options for adults and children. Any of the twin bed frames we have featured are easy to install, affordable and heavy-duty.

In short, there really is no “wrong” answer – only the answer that is best for you.

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