Holmes Air Purifier Review: A Product Worth Buying?

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The Unbiased Holmes Air Purifier Review

What most people expect of an air purifier, or air cleaners, is a relief from the allergens that welcome themselves into your home time after time. Additionally, most people expect to notice a drastic improvement in the smells in their home with an air purifier, and they are right, to some extent. See, the truth is that there are many different opinions about the Holmes air purifiers. Lets take a moment to reintroduce you to the best bang for your buck! So many air purifiers cost, at a minimum, $85 and the prices go up to a stupefying amount. Holmes Products is an all-American company, founded in 1982, and the Jarden Corporation bought the company out in 2005. Since then, the Jarden Corporation has given the Holmes name to other appliances like Sunbeam and Bionare, but they are still the Holmes brand of solutions and innovations for many household appliances. The company is steadily putting out the goods, and for the lowest prices around. Don’t worry, the high quality and craftmanship is agreed upon all over the internet. The Holmes air purifiers we are presenting you with today are two desktop purifiers and a mini tower. All of the Holmes air purifiers are back by a limited 2, 3, or 5 year limited warranty, and the replacement filters are inexpensive, yet great quality. So, roll your sleeves up and lets get started.

Holmes Air Purifier Review

Holmes Desktop HEPA-Type Air purifier catches particles as small as 2 microns in the indoor air. The air purifier eliminates up to 99% of airborne pollutants like pollen, dust, mold, pet dander, and smoke for crisper air in the room. Additionally, the air cleaner provides consistent removal of odors and environmental irritants, and the filter here isn’t an exact HEPA filter, it is a HEPA type filter. The filters, though, are interchangeable with Holmes. So, you could get a more desirable filter to be shipped with the air purifier to use the true HEPA upon receiving the product. With the included ionizer, you may bring further protection from the airborne particles and odors that like to linger in any home or office. In this air purifier package, the ionizer is included. The Ionizer uses its electrical charge to gather all the smaller particles to build them into larger particles that are more easily removed from the air by binding all the negative ions.

Holmes Air Purifier
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CADR and More Air Cleaning Power

The air purifier has 3 speeds with a CADR score of 70; this purifier maintains a healthy 109 square foot room. A quick note about the clean air delivery rate CADR as it pertains to Holmes’ air purifiers the numbers they offer – the CADR scores are 3-fold: dust, pollen, and smoke. So, when you see the CADR that is only one number, this is a score for the smoke rate. So, for some reason they only give you the rate that smoke is cleaned from the air, withholding the dust and pollen rates. You can do more to purify you home’s air by adding a carbon filter or a pre-filter on the air purifier you get.

This may be great in an infant’s nursery or your home office. The air purifier can be stood upright or laid down on its side and not have the integrity of the machine’s efficacy compromised. It is quite compact, so the purifier may have a special spot on your desk without being in the way of your workflow. The air purifier comes in 2 basic colors, black and white. The $54.99 price point is one that only Holmes can offer with the same high quality as the other guys. Additionally, this product is backed by a 3-year warranty for protection for a product that just stops working and has the requirements that are outlined in the warranty paperwork met.

Ratings and Reviews

If you’re wondering about those ratings and reviews from Amazon, don’t you worry, we sifted through all 2,400 of them to find common complaints as well as common heartfelt notes of gratitude to Holmes. Let’s begin with the complaints because, well, they’re fun sometimes. Some of the more confusing complaints that came up here were illegible partly, but some were that the air purifier worked for a short time and quit. One complaint was that the lady’s brand new air purifier didn’t take any smoke out of the air of a 100 square foot room at all! She then went on to add that “at best,” the machine has eliminated a bit of dust. She was very disappointed in the people who left good reviews that prompted her to buy it and wants to return it, but cannot. Now to the happy reviews and the reviewers that left them. So, of course, there was a lot of talk about white noise and how it works great on a lower setting. There were a few people who were long-time loyal customers, and one lady had an air purifier by Holmes last her a whole 18 years before this current purchase! There are a whole lot of happy customers over there on Amazon!

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Desktop HEPA-Type Filter & Optional Ionizer, Air Purifier

by Holmes 

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Holmes Allergen Remover True HEPA Air Purifier

Holmes True HEPA Allergen Remover Mini Tower Air Purifier is 99.97% effective at removing smoke, pollen, and dust, the most irritating allergens, from the air. It has the capability to catch and trap airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns. The Optional Ionizer is included but is removable. The ionizer works by binding all negatively charged particles into a bigger particle so they can then be effectively removed from the air. The ionizer also efficiently reduces odors lingering in the air. With the help of the ionizer, the true HEPA filter is a bonus filter that ensures the allergens and smells are thoroughly removed. All the while the HEPA filter is also working to fight the things like mold and pet dander that we can’t necessarily see.

CADR and Clean Space Details

This product is a small space air purifier in white for a clean and neat look for any small room in your house like a small bedroom, a dorm, or a home office. Look at the dimensions of this little air purifier: 9.8×6.7×14.2. This slim design is so useful for disguising it or putting it out in the room for an optical treat. The wattage is a low 43 and the area that is tested for the best air cleaning is an 85 square foot room. This could be a good thing, or it could be too small of an area for what your needs entail. If it’s one less square footage than you require, you may benefit from a medium-sized machine.

Great Customer Care and Reviews

With all the wonderful differences in the air of a small room, some people on the websites’ review page were having a time with the compartment that houses HEPA filter and got no response from any other purchasers or the company. Having said that, the company is an attentive company. Here is an example of Holmes Products responding to a reviewer or two that claim that their product had quit working within a few weeks. The company invited the customers to call their customer care department and they will gladly provide you with the options to return or exchange the air purifier. Most other reviewers are more than satisfied with the price, the quality, and the value for their money, though few thought the machine is too noisy on the highest setting. Although the air purifier was too noisy for their taste, they mitigated it by using it on medium or low settings. With only 15 reviews on the HolmesProducts website leaving a 3.9 star out of 5 stars combined rating, it is a bit confusing. Although, some of the reviewers were giving 4-star ratings followed by a very satisfactory review. So, that’s a perplexing trend on the review page on the website. On the other hand, the ratings are much more forgiving on Amazon. The noise that the machine makes on the highest setting is not as bothersome to these customers. In fact, the reviewers are saying that the noise is useful as white noise machines are to drown out noisy neighbors upstairs and barking dogs, even it helped some sleepy toddlers to get settled. Some say that the highest setting has become a necessary noise to better their sleep. There were a few reviews that complain of the air purifier working for a few weeks before it quit on them. If this happens, call the customer care department. Their number is 1-800- 546-5637, and there you will be apt to get courteous and fast service.

Holmes HEPA Air Purifier
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MRSP and a Warranty

The allergen remover mini tower air purifier with the optional ionizer is $85.45 at Walmart, however, the product is $86.25 at Amazon. Target carries the product but the pages on the website are almost impossible to sort through and have alternate names for the products. The air purifier carries a 5-year warranty for a machine that quits working by no fault of your own.

True HEPA Allergen Remover Mini Tower Air Purifier

by Holmes 

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Holmes Desktop Small HEPA-Type Filter

Holmes Desktop HEPA-Type Filter and catches and traps air particulates 2 microns or bigger. Another note on the HEPA type versus the true HEPA filters, the main difference between the filter types is the size of the microns it catches. So, the HEPA type filter catches 2 microns whereas the true HEPA catches particulate matter as small as 0.3 microns. That makes the True HEPA more effective in fighting mold spores, pollen and other smaller airborne matter. If you are an allergy sufferer, you may want to seriously consider opting for a True HEPA filter for better protection. On the flip side, a purchase of an air purifier to reduce smoke and odor in the house, go ahead and get the 2-micron catching filter, since smoke is a larger airborne particulate. Therefore, you will be very satisfied with the results the filter produces.

Ionizer and Ozone

The optional ionizer means that it is included in the machine, however, you don’t have to use or even turn it on. See, there is a thing called gas ozone that occurs with the use of an ozone purifier or an ionizer. So, the great advances in science and medicine have made great discoveries of the gas ozone and whether it helps or hurts. If you understand the mechanics well, you will be able to draw your own conclusions. Although the ionizer is suggested to be used sporadically or rarely, some experts suggest not using it at all! Again, you should be responsible with any and all appliances and electronics and do your due diligence to educate yourself on matters pertaining to all potentially harmful affects to your health; you know, for your own health’s sake. In fact, many great customers of this same product actually suggest not turning it on. The HEPA filters, true and type, both do the job that an ionizer claims to do, but without any worries or risks.

Dimensions and A Quality Bargain

The desktop air purifier comes in white and is a small 5.6 pounds. Additionally, the dimensions are 9.7 x 13.1 x 6.3 inches to give you a feel of the size. Amazon’s price is $60.39, and Amazon offers free returns. So, if this turns out to be totally different from what you have expected, you are covered to return it for free. And, with almost 2900 customers who are ready to rate and review for the greater good of future customers, we probably should take a look-see at what they have to say.

Black Holmes HEPA Air Purifier
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A 4.6 out 5 stars rating seems promising, right? Well, yes, most customers are in love with their air cleaners and movers! Most of the happy customers are raving about the fresh smell that fills their rooms and the allergens that are no longer taking their breath away, quite literally! Now, the recurring “small but mighty” comments are super cute and so true as far as the reviewers seem to agree. The almost famous question of “is it too loud?” or “is it loud enough?” is making its debut early this time. In fact, a lot of the poorer ratings are directly related to the noise and vibration some machines are putting out. Alternatively, there are more than a few customers that are saying that the noise isn’t so loud, and one mom was a bit disappointed that the noise wasn’t loud enough to replace the white noise machine in her toddlers’ bedroom, but still loved her machine none the less.

Rating and Reviews

An All Too Important Note on Smoke CADRs

This time there were a bunch of complaints of the smell of smoke still lingering after using the air purifier for a short time. So, let us dispel the myth right here, and now. It is impossible to expect that any air purifier is going to completely rid a smoky house of the smells associated with smoking. The thing is, the person or persons who smoke, especially inside the home, are going to keep the air purifier working as hard as it can, and to avail. Furthermore, even if the house came wreaking of tobacco when you moved into it, even if the former homeowners only smoked for a few months’ time, the whole house would still require a deep clean, a re-painting of the walls, AND a good air purifier. In short, the false hope of an air cleaner doing all the heavy lifting and the house will be magically smoke-free is a heavy realization to take in. However, moving the tobacco use outdoors or stopping smoking altogether is even better for you and your house. After making these changes, then you should deep clean your home and re-paint all the walls. After all of the aforementioned tips are accomplished, then, get the air purifier out and see the magic in a better, and not so hazy, light. We don’t aim to pick on anyone, and if anything, we aim to spur you on to better health and wellness. Even, you are not ready to grab a pack of patches and Nicorette gum, it is proven that moving the smoke outside will be a huge step in overcoming re-breathing the smoke and making your house smell better. Your lungs will thank you; we promise!

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Desktop HEPA-Type | 3 Speeds + Optional Ionizer Small Air Purifier

by Holmes 

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To Wrap It Up

As you may see now, the Holmes Air Purifier has been a pioneer of sorts by making it possible to make pretty high-quality air purifiers at an affordable price. In fact, the Holmes product line is everywhere. For one, they are available to purchase from Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart online stores. Wal-Mart and Target regularly have them in stock at their in-person stores, just as Lowes and Home Depot. It really doesn’t matter if you spent $400 or $60 on an air purifier in the end. What matters the most is that you and your family get the most use from it and it made your family stronger and healthier. When you consider buying something that should be a step closer to wellness, do the proper research and pick a machine that’s right for you.

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