Ghost Pillow Review: Worth the Money?

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Ghost Pillow Review

This review is a three in one, so let’s dissect all three supposedly groundbreaking pillows until you better grasp the concepts and designs of the pillows. We will break the pillow into pieces, so we can understand how the pillow actually works. The three pillows that Ghost Bed makes are the memory foam, faux down, and the shredded. With all the different scientific breakthroughs from innovators like Marc Werner it almost begs the review, right? So, you have likely seen a ton of special types of pillows; however, we have an obvious special interest in the Ghost Pillow. As viewers of late-night television and weekend infomercials, we all know that some of these guys are full of fancifully worded lies. However, this pillow may break the mold of the boastful top marketers we all know too well. It may not, but let’s find out how it held up to the thorough review, shall we?

The Ghost Memory Foam Pillow

Let’s start with the memory foam that seems to be most popular with the general public. This pillow has definitely earned its popularity the best way. This pillow is so technologically advanced. It’s made with actual physics to keep a hot body cool through the night.

The first major accomplishment of the pillow is the patented Phase-Change ultra-breathable material. This Phase-Change is a pocketed material in the guarded core of the pillow. What the material gives you is an instant temperature change as you sleep in real time. As your body temperature rises or falls, the material adjusts to keep you cool and comfortable all night long, but it doesn’t stop there. The material is aerated to keep the ultra-comfy coolness in the pillow and allows for the best breathable pillow.

Breathability isn’t just important for infants and toddlers; we have to have the airflow to be comfortable too! Breathability and airflow are two main components of the aerated gel memory foam Ghost pillow. The memory foam Ghost pillow is contained inside the Ghost Ice fabric zippered cover, that’s purpose is two or three-fold dependent on how you perceive these features. One is the is the undeniable ice cold rebound when you touch or move while on the pillow.

The core of the Ghost pillow is a viscose rayon that is naturally created and still synthetic in the chemical bonds made in the production. The viscose is derived from the wood of a tree’s pulp that gets treated with chemicals to form a rayon type of material. This material is responsible for the breathability of the ice fabric. The cool foam in the holes handles temperature regulation of the Ghost Ice cover fabric. See, it IS made by science. The second and third layers are the easy to clean up and the cover resists messes because of the rayon quilted fabric. The cover is completely washable while the pillow inside the case is absolutely NOT. If needed, only spot clean with a damp sponge or washcloth; no detergent if you can help it.

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The Great Cooling Pillow Loft and Lavender

Having said all the impressive ways the Ghost pillow brings coolness to life, let’s take a look at the size of the pillow and the loft of it. Let’s also see what kinds of sleepers will like to sleep on it. The size of this pillow is actually not a standard sized pillow. A standard size pillow is 20 by 26 inches, and the Ghost pillow is a measly 16 by 23 inches. This pillow barely exceeds the size of a toddler pillow (13 by 18 inches), but the pillow doesn’t seem smaller than a standard sized pillow with its height, or loft. The loft of this pillow, which is a splendid 6 inches, makes it all the more luxe.

The pillow seems bigger than it is because of the casing and the memory foam. One more thing, the pillow has no off-gassing and smells like lavender straight out of the box. Some people don’t particularly like the smell, but if you are one of those people, the smell dissipates over a short time. The lavender is a proven olfactory way to induce sleep. If you are someone who really enjoys the smell, when the smell begins to fade you can always find a lavender essential oil to keep the smell alive. This is all well and good, but how will the “coolest pillow in the world” feel under your head?

Ghost Pillow and Sleep Positions

The Ghost pillow is a medium-firm memory foam pillow that is still squishy and soft if squeezed. When you first touch the Ghost pillow you will feel the cooling effect, it’s that cool! If you are a side sleeper, a back sleeper, or a combination sleeper this is your pillow. For the back, side, and combo sleepers, you will love the great contouring support that the pillow gives your neck and shoulders. The contouring is out of this world, but the pillow doesn’t catch you in the middle of a turn from the back or back to the other side while you sleep.

The high loft makes it a poor fit for a stomach sleeper. Of course, there are exceptions to this and every rule. Some stomach sleepers who are larger or sleep higher up on the pillow may enjoy a good snooze on this pillow. Most stomach sleepers like a flatter pillow, but everyone has different tastes in lofts, so you may be one of those that enjoy a higher loft. Also, some people like to have a firm supportive pillow in between their legs for back pain. This is a medium-firm pillow that could be great for your support pillow depending on how much support you need. Some sleepers only need a thin pillow to do the trick, but some need a bit more firmness for their spinal alignment. For side sleepers that need the firm pillow between their knees, this may be a great support pillow.

GhostBed Faux Down in the Pillow

Have you ever slept on an amazing down-filled pillow? Well, if not you are missing out on some real luxe and fluffy comfort! If you don’t know what “down” is, the innards of a comforter, a pillow, or even a couch or couch pillows can all be filled with down. The down is a fill of duck or goose feathers, and the underbelly of the bird, at that. Sounds a bit inhumane, right? Well, there are several types of man-made or faux down to leave the birds alone. This is the way Nature’s Sleep has intended. This company is conscientious of science and responsibly sourcing their materials and uses an alternative down, or faux down, in their luxurious pillows. The faux down pillow is designed to match the original duck or goose down-filled pillows.

GhostBed Faux Down Pillow
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Faux Down Pillow

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Patented Microfiber Gel Contoured Pillow

This pillow is filled with a microfiber gel that supersedes any real down. The microfiber gel clusters inside the pillow are the key to the contouring support you need for your neck and back. You can rely on the contour of the pillow to give you great support no matter what side of your body you sleep on. So, whether you sleep on your back, side, tummy, or a combination of the three, this will be your new favorite pillow. Just like the memory foam pillow, the faux down pillow has a case. The pillow’s case is made of 100% cotton, making it incredibly soft and durable.

Ghost Pillow Certified Non-Toxic

Not only is the faux down pillow breathable, but the pillow is also an allergy sufferer’s dream, but everyone can benefit from the dust mite-free pillow. The 20 by 30 inch pillow has a 7-inch loft for the most delectable comfort. The pillow is tested for any harmful chemicals and dons the coveted STANDARD 100 OEKO-TEX tag. The OEKO-TEX certifies that each component of the pillow is free from all harmful emissions. This is an incredible feat for any textile company.

Ghost Pillow Shredded: Customized by You for You

What’s great about this pillow is the total control you have over the pillow! The fill is removable giving you something almost any other pillow doesn’t — customizability. The fill is a fine shred of microfiber, viscose and memory foam blend of CertiPURE-US. These fibers are a superb team offering a totally different pillow experience for ALL sleepers. With the customizability, the Shredded pillow is literally one of a kind, so it can fit all of mankind! The viscose and the memory foam work to keep the coolness which the pillows are famous for. The microfiber with the other two cluster materials provides the contour support we all need in order to get that real rest we all crave.

Another Ghost Ice Cover for Your Ghost Pillow

So, we already know the ins and outs of the Ghost Ice Cover from the original review. The viscose rayon (from bamboo) that makes the ice-cold sensation upon contact, and the quilted stain master. The rapid and simple clean up is enough to make most of us jump up and go get one. But what if I told you that it is not hypoallergenic and protects against dust mites? Well, it is, and it does! And 18 by 24 inches is an ideal size for this balanced, perfect pillow. The 6-inch loft is the loft it comes in before you make it your very own. After you customize it your personal comfort, be sure to replace the Ghost Ice cover to reap all the icy rewards!

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The Last Ghost Pillow Certifications

In the introduction of the Shredded Ghost pillow, there was a certification, the CertiPURE-US. CertiPURE-US is a multi-company conglomerate that has been appointed to police the polyurethane that is made in the US. The agency has been set up by furniture leaders in the US as well as environmentalists, scientists, academics, and representatives of consumer groups to ensure that the polyurethane foam that goes in so many upholstery pieces and textiles is safe for human use. The agency even goes so far as to make surprise visits to the factories in which the foam is managed. Polyurethane can be dangerous and toxic if not properly produced and overseen. The agency is necessary for certifying all furniture and textile producing companies as non-toxic and responsible in their practices. The polyurethane foam must be created without ozone depleters, toxic and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) flame retardants, mercury, lead, or other heavy metals, and formaldehyde. Also, the foam must have low VOC’s emissions for indoor air quality. That means less than 0.5 parts per million to be safe for use. The certification requires two tests with consistent results for the item to pass as CertiPURE-US certified.

The Final GhostBed Pillow Review All 3 in 1

There are some common things of the three pillows that remain consistent throughout the production and management of the GhostBed pillows. All three innovative pillows are a bit expensive, but you know great pillows don’t come cheap. Just think about all of the work and research followed by a lot of trial and error Nature’s Sleep has put into each pillow. The materials and the cutting-edge technology are the finest you could get, so the price point may be right on point.

The memory foam and faux down pillows are originally $91, and the pillows go on sale regularly. At this very moment, all of the pillows are at quite a discount. The pillows are on sale for $71 each. The Shredded pillow seems to be the highest price point; however, the shredded pillows are a 2-pack deal. So, the 2-pack of the faux down — the fluffiest pillows in town — will cost you about $190. The sale price of the GhostBed pillows is $143.

Just think, with the 101-day guarantee you really can’t go wrong. Even still, it’s a guarantee that you are going to love your pillow, anyway. In case you don’t absolutely fall deeply madly in love with your pillow, or pillows, you have a whole 101 days to decide and return to receive a refund. Also, the company doesn’t start the 101 days until you’ve had a whole 30 days to really get a good dent in the pillow before jumping to return it. Why, you may ask? Let me tell you. Nature’s Sleep is fully aware of the products they sell, and they know that the pillow needs time with the new owner to iron out any misgivings. You kind of have to break the pillow in, jut like a new pair of boots or tennis shoes.

All the pillows come with a 5-year warranty, and as long as you keep the tags on the pillow and don’t abuse the pillow, you will be entitled to replacements or whatever the need may be. Also, the website gladly offers free shipping on all orders. So, whether you are in business for a GhostBed Flex, a mattress, or a pillow and you want to get in on the awesome bundles, your shipping will be free!

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The Similar and The Alternatives of The GhostBed Pillows

After that product review we absolutely have to check out the “competition!” There are a few memory foam pillows that may be surprisingly amazing. We wont know if these are equally amazing until we get into the gritty details. Oh, but we will, don’t worry! So, let’s get to the four best alternatives to the GhostBed pillows.

The Casper-Foam Pillow

The pillow from a famous bed design has to be really good, right?! Well, let’s get to the specs and we’ll see. First the pillow is polyurethane foam similar to the memory foam Ghost pillow. The Casper foam pillow is a 3-layered foam pillow. This is the newest addition to their cooling collection of a mattress and sheets. If you get the Snow Technology for $50 extra, you can sleep in a winter haven for up to 12 hours. This Snow tech pulls the heat away from your body with its HeatBands situated inside the pillow’s core. However, there is nothing that states what the pillow is like without the Snow Technology.

The pillow claims that it is more “squishable” than other fam pillows because of the high and low-density foams they have perfected. Also the other layer of the pillow is an Airscape foam designed with perforations for maximum breathability. So, it is $99 without the Snow Technology. With the Snow Technology, the pillow will run $149 without sales or other discounts. The pillow does have a 1-year warranty, and a 30-day trial period to love it or return it. A lot of people in the reviews on their website are complaining about the deflating of sorts of the pillow and that the pillow is a bit too firm. The customers are extremely disappointed that they are waking to sore and stiff muscles, too. Many customers were sorely disappointed with having bought the other pieces of the collection and did not like the pillow.

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The Purple Pillow

Already, Purple Pillow is a bit surprising at first glance. The pillow is Clean Air Gold certified, having been assessed to prove the emissions are low. That means there are a small number of VOCs in the pillow deeming it safe to sleep upon. This is the only pillow of all to achieve this particular certification. This pillow is an air grid patterned pillow that keeps you cool by it’s breathability. It’s called the GelFlex Grid, created with polymers, and is the only design like it. The grid maintains its shape as it cradles your head every night. What’s more, the gel springs back into its original shape.

The pillow is adjustable in a unique way. The Purple pillow comes with 2 “boosters” that you can attach to the base of the GelFlex cushion. While is sounds like a dreamy pillow, the 3.8 stars out of 5 is pretty disheartening. The product review was pretty gruesome. Without holding back any punches, there were a lot of analogies to sleeping on a rock. Basically, there was no support in the Gel-Flex polymer structure, and many were feeling duped by buying the Purple Pillow. The silver lining is the 100-night trial in which the product can be returned and fully refunded, no questions asked.

Coop Home Goods Down Pillow

This pillow from Coop Home Goods is an authentic down pillow that comes with additional fill. The extra fill is supposed to be a way to adjust the pillow. The company claims that their down fill is responsibly sourced microfiber and memory foam like the Ghost pillow. The down-filled pillows come in plush, extra plush, and firm, and the sizes are queen (20 by 30 inches) and king (20 by 36 inches).

These pillows come in two different price points and names. The Original that has the medium-firm density and the Eden for the plush and plusher. The Original is firmer for side sleepers and back sleepers and costs $72 with the extra feathery fill free. The Eden is the pillow for stomach sleepers with luxurious plushness. The added plushness will cost you $96, but not to fret, you can get the extra fill to customize to your comfort needs, too.

On the website there were a few customers that thought the pillow too flat or not supportive of their neck. Most people enjoyed the pillow at a 4.7 stars out of 5 and it has a Consumer Report award for the best down pillow. These pillows are both GreenGuard Gold and Clean CertiPURE-US certified for having no off-gassing and using safer fire retardants. This means the pillows are absent of VOCs and other harmful chemicals emissions. And the pillow has a money-back guarantee.

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BrookLinen Down Pillows

This collection of down-filled pillows is made of real bird feathers, however they claim that the feathers are responsibly sourced. They use a farm in Canada for their down fill, which makes sense since the company is in Canada, too. The real down fill is a $81 buy, and BrookLinen has Afterpay to credit it to be paid back on a set schedule. The option has no interest or other hidden fees, so if you’re on the fence let Afterpay help you down gently.

The pillows come in standard (20 by 26 inches) or king (20 by 36 inches). The down-filled pillows come in Firm (side sleepers), Mid-Plush ( back sleepers), and Plush ( for stomach sleepers). The website promises that the mid-plush will be the best balancing act between softness and neck and back support for a great night’s rest. Another promise from BrookLinen, the plush will maintain a neutral spinal alignment all night so you can wake up without soreness or stiffness. The feathery fill is encased in a luxe sateen “shell.” Also, understand that the pillow is made with a dual-core construction for support with extra feathers as the muscle of the operation.

The pillow is astoundingly popular and many rave reviews say that the plush pillows that are perfect! There was one review that said that she or he didn’t even receive the pillow they ordered. Other than that, the 4.7 out of 5 total stars looks like a promising pillow buy.

Pillow Talk

There are so many different brands of pillows all attempting to accomplish the exact same thing for the consumers. It can become a pretty arduous task trying to figure out the various certifications that belong to each group of textiles. Some good advice, look for the product review articles and blog posts to gauge their experience with a prospective product before you make yourself crazy trying to sort all of the pillows for yourself. You have a money-back guarantee virtually any place you shop for good pillows online. Make it a joyous occasion, and worry free.

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