Frette Sheets: What Are They and Are They Worth the Money?

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Frette Company 

Frette is an Italian textile company known for its luxury linens sheets. Since 1860, Frette, the parent company, has been crafting high-quality linen sheets in Monza and Milan, Italy. The headquarters of the Frette company are in Monza, Italy. Together with Charles Chaboud and Alexandre Payre, Edmond Frette established “Frette”.

Frette company has different categories like seasonal, bedding, bath, home, and Frette ready-to-wear. In addition, Frette offers several sales, promotions, and discounts throughout the year while offering certain items at clearance prices year-round.

What Are Frette Sheets?

Frette is one of the leading online providers of luxury hotel bedsheets to the finest hotels worldwide. It provides luxurious, comfortable soft, flexible, and breathable bed sheets. Comfortable bed sheets create a more welcoming, relaxing, and comfy sleep environment. The smoother the bedsheets are, the more relaxed you will be on your bed.

Some of the most demandable bed sheet sets include the Doppio Ajour, the Hotel Classic, the Single Ajour, the Triplo Bourdon, and the Ultimate. These linen sheets are available in various colors, and Frette loves to work with neutral colors.

Frette Bedding products
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What Are Frette Sheets Made of?

When examining the two popular collections from Frette sheets, the Classic Hotel Sheet Set and the Doppio Ajour Sheet Set, one of the sets was sateen woven, and one was percale woven. Both of these products are made in Italy. 

Both the sets are produced from extra-long-staple cotton that enhances the softness and durability of the fabric. However, due to the different weave styles, both of these sets give a different appearance and feel. The difference between sateen and percale varies from brand to brand. Each set offers a distinct quality and has different characteristics. 

With the percale fitted sheet set, the name itself has a lot to tell. First, they provide that hotel, crisp feel that makes the bedding extra comfortable and will lead to a well-rested sleep. In addition to this, the extra-long staple will provide high-end quality and a luxurious feel to the sheet. Frette sheets are crafted to feel breathable, light, and soft to touch. 

In addition to this, as far as the thread count is concerned, as per the Frette website, the thread count in the Classic Hotel sheet ranges from 200 to 240. However, it is important to note that a high thread count doesn’t always mean that the sheet is high quality. There are various other sheets available in the market that are high in quality and are better than sheets will a high thread count. A better indicator to consider would be the fiber length themselves. Long fibers normally yield soft and stronger fabric, so that’s an important point to consider. 

Hence, Frette is a luxury bedding brand that uses extra-long cotton fibers in its bedsheets. The brand prioritizes customer satisfaction and frequently comes up with new variations to attract its target audience. There are various styles that Frette bedding offers. You can expect double embroidered borders or a variety of colors in Frette sheets. The fitted sheets can hold mattresses that are around 15 inches deep. Hence, if you have deep mattresses, they should go well with the Hotel Classic or the Doppio Ajour. Each of these sets includes a fitted sheet, two pillowcases, and a top sheet. 

Examples of Frette Sheets

Frette Percale Top Sheet 

Frette percale top bedsheet is one of the most demandable, which is made up of long cotton percale, which gives soft texture, durable cooling capability, and a more luxurious feel for longer. Frette percale top sheet is an oversized bedsheet that rests with your blanket or comforter while you sleep. It is designed to protect the bedspread from the dirt and bacteria from our bodies shed at night. This Frette percale top sheet is available in white color.

Frette offers percale top bedsheets in different sizes like a king, queen, and twin.

H by Frette Percale Top Sheet
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Frette Percale Fitted Sheet

Frette percale-fitted bed sheet is also a demandable bedsheet because of the long cotton percale, which gives soft texture, durable cooling capability, and a more luxurious feel for longer. Fitted sheets, also known as bottom sheets, are designed to sit on top of the mattress to protect it and feel soft when you sleep on it. Some have elasticated corners which offer a secure fit. This Frette percale fitted sheet is available in white color. In addition, Frette offers percale fitted bedsheets in different sizes like a king, queen, twin, and California king.

H by Frette Percale Fitted Sheet
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Doppio Ajour

The Doppio Ajour Sheet Set comprises smooth cotton sateen, giving a silky feel and smooth draping. This bedsheet comes with a double open hemstitch and lustrous finish. Soft and subtle colors help the Doppio Ajour sheets complement any bedroom interior. Doppio Ajour is available in White, Savage Beige, Cliff Grey, and Milk colors. 

Frette Doppio Ajour Sheet Set
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Hotel Classic

The Hotel Classic sheet set comprises a crisp cotton percale sheet, which gives a matte finish, crisp and breathable. These sheets are perfect for warmer sleepers. A percale weave is also long-lasting; it’s a tighter weave. The hotel classic sheet is available in White, White-Grey, and White-Khaki color. Additionally, the Hotel Classic sheet set is extremely comfortable and feels fresh and soft on the skin. It is definitely worth the investment. 

Frette Hotel Classic Sheet Set
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Single Ajour  

The Single Ajour Sheet Set comprises 100% pure staple cotton sateen for a flat and soothing texture. This bedsheet is given with an open hemstitch and glossy finish. Single Ajour is available in White, Milk colors. These bedsheets are some of the best sheets for allergies.

Frette Single Ajour Duvet Cover
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Triplo Bourdon

Triplo Bourdon sheet set is made up of smooth cotton poplin, which gives strong, crisp fabric with a silky, lustrous surface. These bedsheets are specified with a three-line embroidery. Triplo Bourdon is available in White-Saffron, White-Milk, White-Savage Beige, White-Slate Grey, White-Black, and White-Blue Navy color.

Frette Triplo Bourdon Sheet Set
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The Ultimate Sheet Set comprises high-grade Egyptian cotton Giza 45; this Egyptian cotton Giza 45 is “The Queen” of all types of Egyptian cotton. Ultimate Sheet Set is the most high-priced sheet offered by the brand. Giza 45 bed sheets are incredibly durable and gloriously soft. The ultimate sheet is available in White, Milk colors.

Frette Ultimate Sheet Set
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Prices and Sizing 

Frette manufactures luxury bed sheets with a perfect range of prices, and the standard of the materials is not compromised. Frette offers a variety of bedsheet sets like Twin, Queen, King, and California King at different prices. Frette also offers separates like Pillowcase, Pillowcase Set, and Duvet Cover.

Shipping and Return

Frette may give free shipping based on the amount of the order placed. Frette delivers via UPS. Frette fulfills its deliveries within 2-3 business days. For the northeast, shipment takes 2-3 business days, during 5-7 business days for West Coast. For Canada, Frette ships within 7-10 days.

Frette accepts returns of unused and unwashed items purchased through the Frette website within the United States within 30 days of shipment.

When it comes to Frette luxury bedsheets, every bedsheet of Frette has its importance and feels luxuriously soft, breathable, and very durable. Frette offers an extended range of sizes and colors of bedsheets, and they also have a return policy. If the item you have purchased from the Frette website is unused and unwashed, you can return your product within 30 days of shipment. Frette doesn’t compromise on its quality and produces its bedsheets with a price point to match. 

Are Frette Sheets Worth the Money?

Many people often question if Frette sheets are worth the money or if it is just hype. Some of the points below explain the positives and negatives of buying a Frette sheet. 

Frette Sheets Offer a High-end Feel 

Frette sheets offer a royal and a high-end feel. They are extra comfortable but worth the investment. Each sheet has a different weave style which is why each set provides a different feel and unique characteristics. However, the common factor is the extra-long-staple cotton, which makes all of the Frette sheets feel soft and durable. 

The sheets give a feel of hotel bedding and will make you feel like you own a 5-star hotel. In addition to this, the Frette sheets offer luxurious aesthetics. For instance, the Classic Hotel sheet offers a crisp and clean look complemented by double embroidery borders. Apart from this, the Doppio Ajour sheet set features a charming double open hemstitch and a silky luster that will allow the user to sleep well and comfortably. 

Available in Different Colors

The Frette sheets are available in different colors, including white, gray, blue, etc. In addition to this, there are various style options available too. So you should not expect to be restricted to any one thing, but whatever you prefer. 

Frette Sheets have Some Drawbacks Too!


Although Frette sheets are extremely comfortable and offer luxury and durability, they also come with a luxury price tag. For a queen-size bed, the Hotel Classic sheet set is about $450, and the Doppio Ajour sheet set is about $1,100. So, although providing a great look and feel, Frette sheets might be a little out of budget. 

Regular Care

In addition to the luxury price tag, caring for Frette sheets might also be a tough task. It’s not as simple as throwing them in the washer and dryer. Since these sheets are expensive, the user would want to make them last longer. The company recommends using a biodegradable and mild detergent to wash the Frette sheets. First, you will be required to wash them on a cold wash cycle. The next step would be to dry them on less heat and remove them from the health immediately. You can then let them line dry for the rest of the time. 

You Can’t Try Frette Sheets

Many bedding brands, particularly high-end luxury brands, offer a trial period while making a purchase. For instance, you can test the sheet for a month and refund the amount if you don’t like them. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with Frette sheets. There is no free trial, but you can return the sheets within 30 days if you don’t like them. However, the sheets that are to be returned should not be washed and used. Hence, you cannot call it a trial period. 

How to Care for Frette Sheets?

Since Frette sheets provide a comfortable and well-rested sleep, such sheets should be properly taken care of. Following are some ways you can take care of Frette sheets properly. 

Machine Washing 

Household linens, particularly bed linens, should be washed frequently, preferably before use. You should separate your wash linen according to the material type, for example, linen, cotton, wool, or silk. You should sort them by colors, for example, dark colors and light colors (mostly white). Additionally, you should also wash your linens according to the type of item, for example, bedsheets together, towels separate, and tablecloths separate. Frette bed sheets should be washed separately if you wish to make them last longer. In addition to this, it is recommended not to add components that may damage your bedsheet in the washer, for example, clothes with zippers, metal parts, and hooks. In addition to this, you will also need to make sure that the bedsheets are unfolded when you put them in the washer. Wash bedsheets in the washing machine with warm or cool water and detergent. Hang out your bedsheets to dry, or use a tumble dryer on low or medium heat for fewer wrinkles.

For bedding material, it is recommended that you wash them in cold water with mild, liquid biodegradable detergent. You can also view product-specific instructions on the Frette website. If your bedsheet is delicate or has embroidery, it can be enclosed in a thin and large mesh bag. Additionally, duvet covers and pillowcases should be washed inside out to protect the design on the outside. After getting done with the wash cycle, you need to remove the laundry immediately and shake it to eliminate any wrinkles. It is also recommended that you should avoid using maximum temperatures or high heat. 

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For washing Frette sheets, you will be required to use a mild, biodegradable detergent. You should not add any whiteners or bleach to the linens as it could impact the quality of the bedding. In addition to this, you should also avoid powered detergents or the ones with alkali, as they can also harm the quality of the fabric. You should make sure that the detergent is completely dissolved in the water before it touches the fabric. The usage of detergent will depend upon how much bedding needs to be washed and also the hardness of the water. 


When you’re drying your Frette sheets in a machine, the company advises you not to dry them on high heat. You can use the medium fan and spin speed for the drying process. It is also important to remove them from the dryer before they are completely dry, lay them on a flat ironing board gently, and then iron them. If you want to line dry them, you can shake the bedding before hanging them. It is important to note that you shouldn’t place colored bedding in direct sunlight as excess sunlight exposure might cause yellowing. Not only this, but you also shouldn’t hand delicate items and wool vertically, you can lay them flat on a drying rack to prevent overstretching. You shouldn’t dry the item more than what is required. 

Ironing Frette Sheets

When ironing your Frette sheets, you should follow the hot setting for linen along with a water spritzer, and you should use a warm setting for cotton bedding. For items that are embroidered, iron them on the opposite side that doesn’t have the embroidery, and iron them while they are damp to get the best results. 

Dry Cleaning

Delicate materials such as wool, silk, and cashmere, should be cleaned professionally to get the best results. To prevent excessive shrinkage in your top-of-the-bed products like bedspreads, quilts, and blankets, it is recommended that you dry clean them. 

Final Thoughts

Frette is a recognized brand in the bedding industry. They are known to provide high-quality, breathable, and extremely durable Frette sheets. They are considered luxury sheets that will keep you well-rested and add an appeal to your bedroom. Frette sheets might be pricey, but they’re totally worth the investment. The quality and durability that you get are definitely worth it. Additionally, Frette sheets are known to be long-lasting, and quality is guaranteed by the company.

To make sure the quality remains the same, you should store your linens in a dry and cool place, an area that is ventilated. Additionally, If you’re storing Frette sheets for a long period of time, make sure they’re not stored in plastic bags as such material needs to breathe. You’ll also need to ensure that the linens are not exposed to sunlight, as that would impact the quality of the product. 

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