Everything You Need to Know About Pillow Headboards

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If you’re shopping for a new headboard for your current bed, you’re going to find that there are an overwhelming number of options, including wood headboards, metal headboards, and even storage headboards. Although all types of headboards provide their own benefits, you may want to consider getting a pillow headboard to provide more support and comfort, particularly if comfort is your main priority. There are many types of pillow headboards available that you may want to consider. 

What Is a Pillow Headboard?

Pillow headboards (also called cushion headboards) are exactly what they sound like. They’re bed headboards made of pillows, creating a more comfortable surface for you to rest against. It’s basically just a headboard cushion that you can use to add comfort and support to your sleeping pillow.

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How Do You Use a Pillow Headboard?

Pillow headboards are designed to fit comfortably at the head of your bed, providing extra cushioning or protection from the hard surfaces of your bed frame. Pillow headboards come in various sizes, which means that they can work with anything from a twin size bed mattress to a king mattress. They’re also lightweight, so you can move them around as needed. Most pillow headboards come with straps or ties that will attach easily to any bed frame, while some can be simply placed against an existing headboard.

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What Is the Difference Between Pillow Headboards and Upholstered Headboards?

An upholstered bed headboard is usually made out of wood or metal that’s padded with thick, soft cushions. Fabric stretches across the entire headboard, covering the wood or metal. Pillow headboards are made from mostly fabric and foam. They’re also a lot thinner, so they won’t take up as much space in your bedroom.

Upholstered headboards often come with many extra features like buttons, trim, and even storage, while pillow bed headboards are usually much more simplistic in design. Upholstered headboards add more sophistication and elegance to your interior design, while pillow headboards are more functional, so it comes down to what you’re looking for.

What Are the Different Types of Pillow Headboards?

There are various types of pillow headboards that you can add to your bed frame. These include the following:

Standard Pillow Headboards

Standard pillow headboards come in all shapes and sizes and can be attached to the existing headboard with straps or hooks. Some can even be attached to the wall behind the bed if you do not have a traditional headboard.

Permanent Headboard Cushion

There are metal and wood headboards available with cushions built into the front. They are not considered upholstered since they are not covered by fabric on the sides and back of the headboard frame.

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Triangular Wedge Cushion

Triangular wedge cushions are smaller, more compact types of pillow headboards. They’re perfect for people who want something that can easily be transported or stored away when not in use. Triangular wedge cushions consist of a single large pillow that’s triangular in shape. This type of pillow headboard is excellent if you want something that will provide extra support for your head and neck.

Backrest Pillow

Backrest pillows are the smallest type of pillow bed headboards available. They’re perfect for people who like to lean on a cushion when reading or watching television in bed because they’ll provide extra support and comfort while also helping you sit up properly. However, they’re only suitable for a single person and can look a little bulky — plus, they’re not made to sleep on. Fortunately, because they’re smaller, they can easily be removed from your bed when you’re done reading or watching TV.

What Are the Benefits of a Pillow Headboard?

There are many benefits of using a pillow headboard. The following are a few reasons why you should strongly consider buying a pillow headboard for your bed frame:

Pillow Headboards Are Affordable

A pillow headboard is a more affordable option than an upholstered headboard, especially for those who want a bed with some extra style and luxury.

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Pillow Headboards Will Fit Any Bed

Pillow headboards are available in a wide range of sizes, meaning you’ll have no trouble finding one that will fit your bed frame.

Pillow Headboards Can Improve Your Bedroom Design

Pillow headboards are available in a variety of colors and designs, so you can pick the right one to complement the rest of your bedroom décor. Using a pillow headboard is the perfect way to add color, pattern, and texture that will improve your bedroom design without breaking the bank.

Pillow Headboards Are Comfortable

Adding a pillow headboard to your bed is a great way to make it even more comfortable while you sleep. The soft fabric and extra padding will help you get a good night’s sleep without having to worry about your head hitting a hard surface. Not to mention, they provide a soft place for you to rest your head while you’re sitting up in bed.

Pillow Headboards Are Easy to Clean

There are no nooks and crannies for dirt or dust to accumulate in, unlike an upholstered headboard. Many pillow headboards come with a zipper closure, which means you can remove the case and wash it if it gets dirty or if you accidentally spill something on it.

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Pillow Headboards Are Lightweight

Another great feature of pillow bed headboards is that they’re lightweight, which means that they’re easy to move around, transport, and store away when not in use.

How to Choose a Pillow Headboard

Now that you know all about pillow headboards, it’s time to choose the perfect one for your bed. Here are a few tips to help you make the right decision:

Consider Your Budget

A headboard with cushions built into the front will be more expensive than a triangular wedge cushion, which is much simpler in design.

Think About Your Bedroom Décor

Make sure that the pillow headboard you choose will fit the design of your bedframe as well as the décor of your room.

Make Comfort Your Priority

If you’ve decided to buy a pillow headboard instead of an upholstered headboard, odds are one of the primary reasons was for comfort. As such, choose the most comfortable pillow headboard you can find.

Pillow Headboards Are Affordable, Functional, Stylish, and Comfortable

Although there are many headboard options to choose from in various materials, shapes, and sizes, don’t discount the simplicity of a pillow headboard. Pillow headboards are an excellent option for your bed if you want to add more comfort and support for a more affordable cost. If you’re looking for a new bed or just a new headboard for your current bed frame, be sure to consider buying a pillow headboard.

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