Definitive Guide to Bed Sheet Sizes

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Introduction to Bed Sheet Sizes

With the start of the new year, many people have been considering a mattress upgrade. Chances are, you may have also stopped by the bed sheet aisle when shopping and found yourself confused at the sizing and which bed sheet size would be the best fit for you and your mattress. This guide will walk you through all the bed sheet sizes from crib to California king.

Bed Sheet Sizes: The Standard Size Guide


Here’s a myth: a crib-sized fitted sheet is the same as a twin. Crib bed sheets are in their own category and are the smallest bed sheet available. They fit the smallest sizes out there, made specifically to fit snuggly around the corners of your infant or toddler’s crib. These don’t typically arrive with a flat sheet if you purchase it in a set because infants don’t need them.

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If you wanted to get an idea of what this bed sheet size looks like, think back to your bed frame when you were a child. The most common upgrade from a crib-sized bed is the twin, and a twin bedding fits perfectly on the standard 38″ by 75″ mattress. This size may also be referred to as a single bed sheet. You can find twin beds in some college dorms and camp bunks as well.

Here are some helpful dimensions for twin beds:

Mattress – 38″ x 75″

Fitted sheet – 39″ x 75″

Flat sheet – 66″ x 96″

Duvet cover – 72″ x 96″

Bed skirt – 38″ x 75″

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Twin XL

The Twin XL is similar to a twin, but there’s one key difference: it’s longer. The fitted sheet on a twin won’t fit this one, but the width remains the same. While the compact width is the perfect equal to sleep comfortably and still keep space in your room, the extra length supports older and taller adults and teens. These linen sheets are very commonly found in college dorms and fit a 38″ by 80″ mattress.


Mattress – 38″ x 80″

Fitted sheet – 39″ x 80″

Flat sheet – 66″ x 96″

Duvet – 72″ x 96″

Bed skirt – 38″ x 80″

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Full (Double)

A twin bed is called a ‘single’ bed. However, a full bed is called a ‘double’. This is because a full-sized sleeping arrangement has the standard amount of room for two, making it a popular choice for couples. You can also use the same flat sheets and comforters for full beds like the ones you use for a queen bed.


Mattress – 53″ x 75″

Fitted sheet – 54″ x 75″

Flat sheet – 96″ x 102″

Duvet cover – 93″ x 96″

Bed skirt – 53″ x 75″

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Queen mattresses are the most common and popular mattresses. This versatile mattress size is the standard bed you will see in hotels, and are perfect for both couples and single-person bedrooms. If you were looking for a special twist on the original queen bed, you can purchase a size called California queen that is 4 inches longer than the standard queen, although this is a rarer option.


Mattress – 60″ x 80″

Fitted sheet – 60″ x 80″

Flat sheet – 96″ x 102″

Duvet cover – 93″ x 96″

Bed skirt – 60″ x 80″

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A king-sized bed is the perfect option for anyone who is sleeping with another person, enjoys the extra room, or is a taller than average height. You can find this bed size in master bedrooms or some hotels.


Mattress – 76″ x 80″

Fitted sheet – 76″ x 80″

Flat sheet – 102″ x 112″

Duvet cover – 96″ x 109″

Bed skirt – 76″ x 80″

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California King

This luxury size is the largest bed type out there. It was created by a man who was too tall to sleep comfortably on a standard King-sized sized bed. If your most prized possession is your bed, a California king can always guarantee a freeing and comfortable night’s sleep.


Mattress – 72″ x 84″

Fitted sheet – 72″ x 84″

Flat sheet – 102″ x 112″

Duvet cover – 96″ x 109″

Bed skirt – 72″ x 84″

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Bedding Materials

Now that we’ve gone over the sizes, you’ve likely refreshed your memory on the different types and have learned a few new things. However, there’s more to take into account when purchasing a new sheet set: the material. The wide variety of materials is to suit your individual needs for a linen set.

Flannel Sheets

These are best known for effectively trapping body heat to guarantee a warm sleep even during the coldest nights.

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Bamboo Sheets

You may not have even known that bamboo is even a part of our sheets. This fabric is cheaper than cotton and silk but provides a similar feel as well as anti-bacterial properties.

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Cotton Sheets

Since it was first introduced hundreds of years ago, cotton has remained a popular and go-to material in the textile industry for good reason. It is convenient, easy to wash, and breathable while providing just the right temperature for sleep.

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Polyester Sheets

Polyester is typically sold combined with another material, making it one of the most affordable options out there.

A Complete Sheet Set: What’s Included

When shopping, you’re probably not purchasing a single pillowcase or sateen sheet. Rather, these arrive in sets, each set containing slightly different items based on what you want your bed set-up to look like.

A bed skirt is a ruffle that goes underneath the mattress for decorative purposes. Additionally, you can purchase a mattress pad that goes on top to protect the mattress from any spills or stains. This pad is removable and can be thrown in the washer. Then, you use the fitted sheet to cover the mattress on top of the pad and then lay out the flat sheet above it. Lastly, a bedding set typically arrives with a few pillowcases or shams (decorative pillowcases), and a comforter or duvet, the top thick blanket that sits above everything else.

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