Comforter or Duvet: Which One Is Best for You? 

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Take this quiz and find out whether or not a duvet or a comforter fits your lifestyle best!

Which climate accurately describes the one where you live?

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What’s your overall philosophy on doing chores around your home?

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Which option best describes your stance on household items?

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How important is the aesthetic of your bedroom for you?

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What signifies comfort for you in bed?

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What’s your ideal shopping experience for bedding?

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Comforter or Duvet: Which One Is Best for You?

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A duvet offers the option of a variety of temperature-regulating inserts. With duvets, you can switch up your look with a duvet cover and layer your bed's look using bedding material such as coverlets.

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A comforter can be too hot and not offer the versatility of changing out an insert for its inside material that a duvet can. If you like to rotate bedding throughout the year, then a series of comforters might be a great fit for you!

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