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Luxury bed with pillows and padded headboard

Introduction When it comes to choosing a bed, there are a variety of ways you can go. Potential bed owners can pick from dozens of color, material, and style options. It takes keen effort on your part to get the right bed that fits your needs and complements your room. One of those options is

king size bed with fabric upholstered headboard and white bedspread

Introduction When it comes to creating a room that you love, there are so many ways to customize it. You can set up bedroom furniture in different locations, alter the colors of the walls, and even play with different materials throughout the room. One of those customizable options is adding a velvet headboard to your

foldable bed open and set

A folding bed is designed to fold up for storage when not in use. They come in various styles and sizes, including some that can accommodate two people. Some foldaway beds come with a memory foam mattress that fits the bed frame and roll-up. Others have a solid mattress, which may be more comfortable than

contempory simple bed with a wood headboard

It’s not always easy to figure out which bed frame is best for you. With so many options in styles, materials (like faux leather), and types of beds, it can be overwhelming to figure out which structure is best for your home based on interior design best practices. This list is here to help you

various mattress sizes on display in a store

Before getting into choosing the right mattress, it is essential to know that there are many sizes when it comes to beds. Choosing the right type of bed for your home can be a very daunting task. The choice can be overwhelming for anyone, but knowing exactly what you want can make the selection process

toddler girl sitting on a white toddler bed

First, your newborn baby moved out of your bed and into a crib. After what seemed like minutes, it’s already time to upgrade to the next step—a toddler bed. If this is your first baby, you may not have even heard of a toddler bed until you realized you needed one.  Why do you need

alaskan king size mattress with four pillows

You wake up. You’re cramped, smushed, and exhausted after an attempt at a full 8 hours. Are you tired of waking up to a foot in the neck? A sweaty partner or child pushed up against you? Your precious pup pushing you off the bed? The solution is here! Welcome to the largest oversized bed

tufted headboard with white bedspread and pink blanket

The Tufted headboard is often associated with luxury and elegance. They’re perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere or adding a classy touch to your bedroom. Some are also highly comfortable, so you can lean back and relax while you read a book or watch TV. The tufted headboard is made of quality materials, including solid

california king bed with burnt orange sheets

Among all the mattress sizes available on the market, the California king size one is the longest. Western king beds are also known as California king mattresses, and they are taller than Queen mattresses. The size of this mattress is roughly equivalent to the size of two twin XL mattresses placed side by side. This