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Getting a Good Night’s Sleep If you’ve ever found yourself kicking the blankets off of you in the middle of the night, trying to cool down, chances are you’re a hot sleeper. And as recent research on the power of sleep has shown, if there’s anything specific keeping you from getting a good night’s sleep,

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If you are asking yourself, “What’s a Sherpa blanket?” and should you buy one, then you have come to the right place. A Sherpa blanket is an extra, or throw blanket, made of wool. Originating in popularity in the early 1980s, these blankets are also called mulberry wool blankets. In the past few years, they

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If you’re shopping for a new headboard for your current bed, you’re going to find that there are an overwhelming number of options, including wood headboards, metal headboards, and even storage headboards. Although all types of headboards provide their own benefits, you may want to consider getting a pillow headboard to provide more support and

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What Is a Duvet Cover? Duvet covers, easy-to-care-for alternatives to the standard comforter, originated in Europe as a convenient way to make feather-filled duvets last longer. Even today, many people opt for duvet covers due to the wide range of designs, easy cleaning, and affordable cost. What Are Duvet Covers For? First, what is a

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Have you been getting a good night’s rest? Most Americans don’t. 60 million Americans are diagnosed with a sleep disorder every year. Most are women over the age of 65. Scientists aren’t certain why there is such a prevalence of sleep disorders, but they do know that there is a correlation between sleeplessness and chronic