Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Best Loft Beds With Desks

Color loft bedframe with desk undernearth

When bedroom floor space is limited, the smart bed buyer may look at how to use that wide open unused space between the floor and the ceiling to solve their problem.

Voila! We give you the loft bed. Think of it as a bunk bed with only a top bunk. This raised bed provides ample space below it that can be used for other purposes. A popular “other purpose” is for a desk or study area.

Loft beds are convenient and stylish ways to maximize storage in a room. They are often used in bedrooms for children and teens. There are many options to choose from. This article will provide tips to help you select the perfect loft bed with desk for you or your child. This includes considering who will be using the bed and desk, the pros and cons of a loft bed with desk, and things you should consider before purchasing one.

We will also share our views on a few of the top loft bed with desks available on the market.

Who Can Use a Loft Bed With Desk?

There is no set age group for using a loft bed. Anyone of any age can experience the space-saving benefits of this bed option. However, the American Academy of Pediatrics reported that “half of those injured are children younger than 6 years of age. Therefore, youngsters under this age should never be allowed on the top bunk.”

To protect against injury, young children should be properly taught how to safely use a raised bed. Once those safety lessons are learned, they can enjoy their new bed. They can use the desk space as a play area, for school work, or a place to store their toys.

Teens can also get a lot of use out of a loft bed with desk. They can enjoy listening to music, gaming, or hanging out with friends in the desk space. When they’re ready to sleep the night away, they can easily climb the stairs to their bed.

While we usually think of bunk beds as being for children, adults can get just as much use out of a loft bed. They can use the desk space for working and other activities while having their bed above them. 

If you, as an adult, are considering a bed with desk for yourself, be sure to look at models designed specifically for adults. Adult models generally have more features, such as extra storage space or shelves, a desk area, and even extra seating. The beds are also usually larger to accommodate the larger user.

Pros and Cons of a Loft Bed With Desk

A good buyer’s guide wouldn’t be complete without discussing the pros and cons of a loft bed with desk. Let’s  consider those so you know what to expect when you start shopping for a loft bed. 

Loft Bed With Desk Pros

There are many pros to having a loft bed with desk. Perhaps the most significant benefit is that it saves a lot of space in the room. Instead of having a separate desk on the opposite side of the room, loft beds have a desk included in the design.

These beds are great for apartment dwellers because they create room for storage space that would otherwise be occupied by the bed.

Another pro of having a loft bed with desk is that they come in a variety of styles. From the shape of the bedframe to the material it’s made out of, you’ll be able to find an option that matches the theme of your bedroom.

One final pro that a loft bed with desk offers users is that the attached desk and built-in storage features make the room easier to stay organized and clean. Instead of having papers, books, games, toys, or other items strewn throughout the room, these belongings can be placed in the easily-accessible storage options a loft bed with desk offers.

Loft Bed With Desk Cons

While there are several positive factors about choosing a loft bed with desk, there are also some cons the bed buyer should keep in mind when making their selection.

One of the biggest concerns with a loft bed with desk is safety. Even though there is a ladder to use to get down, the fact that the bed is high presents the risk of someone slipping off the ladder or getting caught in the bedding and falling from the bed. 

Something else to be concerned about is sitting up too fast in the middle of the night. Some loft bed with desks do not leave a lot of room between the sleeper and the ceiling. Make sure the user knows to be careful when sitting up so they don’t bump their heads. 

Those sleeping in a raised bed must remember to be extra careful when getting up and off the bed. Another tip is to have bed slippers handy to make the climb up and down less hard on your bare feet.

Another potential con to owning a loft bed with desk is that it may be a pain to use when you’re sick. Being closer to the ceiling makes the sleeping environment more stuffy under the best of circumstances. Combine that with being sick and you may struggle to climb the ladder and stay in bed without feeling icky. 

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Loft Bed With Desk

There’s more to loft beds than just the desk space below them. Let’s take a look at some things you should consider before deciding on a loft bed with desk.

Your Budget

The budget you set aside for a loft bed with desk is one of the most important guiding factors of the purchasing process. Your budget will likely depend on multiple criteria – the bed’s material, size, and all the features of the loft bed with desk.

There are a lot of loft bed options out there, each with varying qualities. Whatever your budget, you will be able to find a loft bed option that’s right for you. Loft bed frames can cost anywhere from $200 to $2,000, making them great options for people with tight budgets and for those with a little more money to spend.

Materials Used

Loft beds can be made of metal or wood. Before making a purchase, you need to consider the qualities of both.

Metal frames are usually tubes that can be formed in various shapes and bunk bed designs. This provides a  modern, chic look. The metal frames are coated with a protectant to prevent rusting, chipping, or scratching. 

Wooden loft bed frames can come in several types of wood. The wood can be carved or shaped to a user’s liking and lasts longer than metal because wood is solid. The wood is usually treated with a coating to help prevent rotting. Even though metal is lighter than wood, wood tends to last longer if treated properly. 

Many loft bed kits require assembly once the kits arrive. Most include intuitive instructions, but some people may have trouble lifting some pieces of heavier wood material.

Available Space

Another key factor to consider in your search is the amount of available floorspace you have in the bedroom. Although these types of beds generally save space because of the lofted bed, many options come with extra shelving or storage that can expand your storage capacity. 

If you have plenty of room and you’re just looking to maximize your space, this factor may not play as large a role in your decision-making process. However, if you don’t have a lot of extra room in the bedroom, you’ll want to look for a more compact choice. 

The Style of the Bed

The style of the loft bed with desk plays a significant role in the bedroom’s overall feel and vibe. Usually, the material and frame of the bed determine its overall style. Unless you don’t mind the rest of your decor not matching your bed, style is one thing you’ll want to pay attention to while looking for a place to lay your head at night. 

For example, a dark wood bed will offer a more traditional look. In contrast, metal will give off a modern and even futuristic feel.

Storage Capabilities

Many loft bed with desk options come with enough room for a desk and some built-in storage space around the desk area. Other expensive options include storage capabilities, including built-in shelves, stairs that double as drawers, or collapsible drawers.

For example, if you are looking to replace the need for a chest of drawers or dresser for your clothes, be sure to double-check to ensure your selected bed meets your storage needs before you buy it.

Extra Features

The features that make up a typical loft bed with desk include the desk itself, shelves, drawers, a ladder, and maybe other storage features. There are extra features in some loft bed models that may benefit you as well.

Some of these extras include hooks for hanging things, a built-in lamp, and a space under the bed that can be used to hang clothes, a curtain, or a poster.

These extra features will cost a little more but may be worth it if there is room within your bed-buying budget.

6 of the Top-Rated Loft Bed With Desk Options

Now we will take what we have learned about loft beds and look at six of the best loft bed with desk options available. We will evaluate each option based on price, material, size, storage capability, and other factors.

1. DHP Studio Loft Bunk Bed Over Desk

This loft bed with desk is a twin-sized, highly spacious option that’s perfect for a child or teenager. The gray metal frame is a neutral color which allows the bed to fit in a variety of room themes. This DHP Studio Loft Bed comes with a built-in ladder as well as a guardrail on every side, making it an extra-safe option.

The desk area below the bed features multiple shelves and places for storing belongings, which is a popular feature of this option. The legs of the bed have metal dowels spaced evenly apart, which creates room for hanging things. It’s an affordable $395 on Amazon and can be found here.

DHP Studio Loft Bunk Bed Over Desk and Bookcase with Metal Frame
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2. Novogratz Maxwell Metal Full Loft Desk & Shelves

The Novogratz Maxwell Metal Loft Bed with Desk is very spacious yet compact enough to where it won’t occupy an entire room. The bed frame portion can fit a full-sized mattress and comes with a guardrail in each direction, guaranteeing as much safety as possible. This bed features a built-in ladder that fits so seamlessly into the frame that you won’t even know it’s there!

Below deck, the desk spans as much space as the bed, which consumers love. In addition to the ample desk space, there are also shelves and other places where additional storage options can be easily attached. If you’re interested in purchasing this excellent bed option, you can find it here on Amazon for $478.00. 

Novogratz 4371429N Maxwell Metal Full Loft Desk & Shelves
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3. DHP Miles Metal Full Loft Bed with Desk

The DHP Miles Metal Full Loft Bed is another great metal loft bed with desk option. Unlike the other options we’ve looked at, this bed features a blue finish that gives the bedroom a pop of color. The built-in ladder and full guardrail protection ensures maximum safety while still appearing modern and not clunky.

The bed portion fits a full-size mattress, which is good for children and teenagers. The desk portion extends the entire length of the frame, offering a lot of open space.

This loft bed is a great option for those who are looking to have an open concept desk and living area. It’s also affordable, priced at only $275.00. If you’re interested in this blue metal loft bed, you can find it here on Amazon.

DHP Miles Metal Full Loft Bed with Desk
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4. Max & Lily High Loft Bed

If you’re looking for an excellent loft bed with desk for your child, this Max & Lily High Loft Bed is the perfect choice for you. Its white-painted pine wood frame will fit with many room themes.

The ladder is built with a non-stick material, so it won’t slide when your child is trying to get into or out of bed. 

The desk spans the width of the bed, which opens up the rest of the space underneath it. On the other side of the desk space is three built-in shelves providing more storage space for books, clothes, or other belongings. 

Overall, the entire bed system is only 68.5 inches tall, allowing it to fit in a room with low or high ceilings. If you’re interested in this loft bed, you can check it out here for $819.00.

Max & Lily High Loft Bed
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5. Dorel Living Harlan Wood Loft Bed with Ladder and Guardrail

The Dorel Living Harlan Wood Loft Bed is another white loft bed option that many consumers love. It’s easy to assemble and fits a twin-sized mattress. This bed is perfect for children all the way through their teenage years and beyond. It has a weight limit of 165 pounds.

The guardrail around the bed’s perimeter not only protects the child sleeping in the bed, but also allows parents to have a good night’s sleep without worrying about their child’s safety.

The desk below spans the entire length of the bed, which provides lots of play space and schoolwork space for your child. The rest of the desk area is open, leaving lots of room for additional storage.

You can’t go wrong with this bed! If you’re interested in this loft bed, you can find it here for $568.82. 

Dorel Living Harlan Wood Loft Bed with Ladder and Guard Rail
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6. Naomi Home Products Twin Size Loft Bed With Desk

We close our review of loft beds with the Naomi Home Products Twin Size Loft. This loft bed with desk has many features that make it unique, making it a popular choice for parents wanting to get their child a fun bed.

Its gray finish fits many different room themes. The fact that it is relatively low to the ground (at 41 inches tall) makes it a great option for those with low ceilings. Despite the bed being low, it still has a built-in ladder and a guardrail system all the way around the bed to provide the most safety. 

The desk is on wheels and can slide back underneath the bed when not in use. The desk has built-in shelves where the child can put their most-used things for easy access. Clothing can be stored in three large drawers under the bed.

This one-of-a-kind loft bed with desk makes the best out of a small room and truly maximizes storage. If you’re interested in purchasing it, you can find it on Amazon for $599.95. 

Naomi Home Store Twin Size Loft Bed with Desk
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Our Final Thoughts

A loft bed with desk is a versatile and stylish way to maximize the space in a room while still being able to comfortably sleep at night. There are many different styles, sizes, and configurations for loft beds, which means people of all ages are able to use them.

Armed with this buyer’s guide and our top tips for choosing a loft bed with desk, you should be ready to find the perfect loft bed for you. 

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