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Find the perfect blankets to fit your sleep style and snuggle preferences.

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Blankets come in many different materials and each has its own purpose. As an addition to the most exciting place in your home, choosing the right blanket is essential to your sleeping and romantic enjoyment. 

Regular, Weighted, Heated, or Cooling?

How do you know which style of blanket you should get?  Well, it comes down to your preferences, body temperature, and whether you’ll be sharing it with a special someone. Each kind of blanket serves a unique need. Some may be more appropriate for you based on how much body heat you generate while sleeping, while others might be appropriate if you’re looking to simulate being held or having pressure on you while sleeping. It all comes down to your unique needs and preferences. 

What we consider:

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Which word best describes the texture of blanket that you find most comfortable?

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Which option best describes your blanket habits?

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How does your skin usually react to different types of textiles?

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What makes you feel most secure in a blanket?

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Which choice best matches your interior design aesthetic?

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How many blankets do you usually sleep with/are on your bed?

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The Coziest Blanket for You

texture of fleece blanket

This could be a good option for those who are allergic to certain types of fabrics, and love to feel a warm, cozy, plush blanket. These can come in varying materials, so it’s important to find out which material is best for you!
Weighted blanket

light blue comforter for bed

A weighted blanket can help curb anxiety and can add that extra level of heaviness without having to snuggle up in too many blankets. Although some weighted blankets don’t have the softest textures, there are many types of covers that you can find, including hypoallergenic ones, to fit your preference.
Muslin cotton blanket

pink muslin blanket

Muslin cotton blankets are loosely woven, hypoallergenic, and are 100% cotton. Muslin blankets are lightweight, soft, and are, thus, great for hot sleepers or for people who like to layer multiple blankets. This type of cotton is usually used for baby blankets, making it the perfect blanket for sensitive skin or when you just feel like you want to drape something over your shoulders.
Waffle Weave

waffle blanket, off white

A waffle woven blanket is great for aesthetics and for comfort for people who favor rough softness over a plush, fleece type of blanket. A waffle weave styled blanket can also be easier to maintain and more hypoallergenic than other types of blankets. You can also get heavier waffle weave blankets in order to insulate more heat, depending upon your temperature preference or the time of the year.

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