Best Trundle Bed Options on Amazon


Best Trundle Bed Options on Amazon

To own a trundle bed, you don’t need to sleep two people in a room. Everybody should own a trundle bed. It keeps the floor underneath your bed cleaner for whenever another person needs to sleep in the room, whether it’s friends or family. It’s the perfect addition to a guest room or kid's room. However, shopping for a trundle bed takes longer than shopping for a regular bed. The internal mechanisms can wear down over time if you don’t buy from the right brands, or they could be poorly designed, resulting in trouble pulling out the extra mattress. In this article, you’ll discover what a trundle bed is, the types of trundle beds, the top 8 trundle bed options available on Amazon, and what to look for when shopping for a trundle bed. white trundle bed

What Is a Trundle Bed?

A trundle bed is a bed frame specifically designed to fit under another mattress. It usually uses wheels to roll out from underneath easily and be pulled out and stowed away when not used. They typically are designed for twin mattresses and can hold thin and small mattresses for compactness.

There are different types of trundle beds. Some of them are sold separately from the main bed and only include the frame that goes underneath. Others are all-in-one and arrive with the entire bed structure with room for both mattresses. Some trundle beds remain the same height they are from the floor, resulting in much lower bottom mattresses. Some people don’t like the feeling of sleeping so close to the ground and prefer to get a trundle bed with mechanisms that pop up the bottom mattress to a taller height, which is also available.

The pricing of a trundle bed also depends on the type of trundle bed you’re purchasing. If you are only getting the frame, it can cost as little as 75 dollars, while a full set can reach 500 dollars for frames only. Note that you will need two mattresses, typically twin, which can go over the thousand dollar range. They are usually made of wood or metal. wooden trundle bed

Types of Trundle Beds

Roll-out Trundle

It is the standard mechanism of a trundle bed. A mattress sits on the bottom of a bed and rolls out. A roll-out trundle looks like a flat rectangular frame, typically made of metal bars, with short and small wheels on the bottom. 

Pullout Trundle

In this trundle, the mattress can be mounted to a platform attached to the metal bed frame and pulled out for use. However, it might not be able to support as much weight as a roll-out. Pull-out trundles are sometimes designed as something looking similar to a large drawer. If you want extra storage instead of space for a mattress, you could put anything you want inside the drawer. It is different than a pull-out sofa bed as a sofa bed uses more mechanisms than wheels, and it folds. 

Pop up Trundle Bed

Pop-up trundle beds are preferred because they tend to last longer than traditional trundles and have fewer moving parts. Plus they can support more weight. They also use wheels like a roll-out trundle, but they pop up to the same height as the other bed so that it’s not close to the floor. 

Trundle Bunk Bed

This type of trundle bed can be the most pricey. It is a standard bunk bed frame with room for two mattresses plus a drawer with a pull-out trundle on the bottom of the lower bunk bed so that three mattresses can fit into the structure. 

Captain’s Bed With Trundle

A captain bed is a platform bed filled with storage drawers and compartments under the mattress. There is also typically more shelving on a tall headboard. It’s slightly different compared to a storage bed as it has more storage space. Some captain beds have a trundle underneath the mattress but still, have shelving and other storage drawers.

Daybed Trundle

Many twin-sized daybed frames accommodate twin-size mattresses. A twin-size daybed functions as a sofa or bed. It’s different than a sofa bed because it doesn’t have a pull-out mattress; it’s simply a bed designed to look like a couch.

DHP Manilla trundle bed stock

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What to Look for in a Trundle Bed

No two beds are the same, which applies to trundle beds. While you might have a picture in mind of what you want, make sure you know the style, type, and material to begin your search. 


The sturdiest materials for trundle beds are solid wood and metal. You can choose based on aesthetics, but other factors come into play that make these materials appealing in different ways. Metal frames are cheaper, easier to move around, and lighter. You're lucky you want solid wood because it’s the most durable. Oak and mahogany will be the most popular options in terms of durability and style. Note, though, that wood is more expensive and more difficult to move— and you might need to assemble your trundle bed yourself. 


Think about what size trundle bed you want. Most are twin sized and compact. If you want a larger-sized trundle bed, know that you will need to pay more, and it may be harder to find what you want. Next, measure the space you have for the trundle bed. It needs to fit two twin-sized beds because it will equal two twin beds next to each other when the trundle is pulled out. Give it a few extra inches, so it isn’t tight and to accommodate the bed frame. A standard twin mattress measures 38 by 75 inches. If you want to ensure your trundle bed stays put, you can get one with locks on the wheels that will keep it from rolling around. 

Note that you will need to purchase the mattresses separately. In terms of the best mattress for a trundle bed, you’ll mainly decide between hybrid, memory foam, and innerspring. Hybrid mattresses use both memory foam and innerspring. Memory foam is a polyurethane material initially used by NASA that is more common nowadays due to its molding properties. Innerspring beds use coils and have better bounce than foam. Whether you choose a memory foam mattress, foam mattress, or spring, make sure it fits into your trundle frame.


Most trundle beds are easy to put together. However, solid wood trundle beds or ones with drawers might be more difficult to assemble. If you know you aren’t the best in construction, you might need to have someone assemble it for you. Remember to add this to your budget if you’re considering a paid service. 

Top 8 Trundle Bed Options on Amazon

#1: DHP Manila Metal Framed Daybed with Trundle

This white metal trundle daybed looks like nothing more than a stylish bed from afar. However, it does a little more than that— it has a roll-out trundle bed on the bottom and can be transformed into a couch with just a few pillows when it’s not being used as a bed. What makes the DHP daybed the best daybed is that it is available in twin, full, and queen. The company also sells similar styles of trundle beds available in king. The daybed can hold up to 400 pounds, and the trundle can hold up to 225. You can pay an extra 300 dollars for expert assembly, but you likely won’t need it. DHP’s daybeds are easy to assemble in just a few steps. The product weighs just over 61 pounds, and you have a 30-day return period, plus free shipping with prime. It features a white frame with a simple bar design with diamond-shaped decals. If you want to check out different styles or colors, DHP also sells other trundle beds in colors like grey, brown, and black that aren’t in a daybed style.

DHP Manil framed trundle bed

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Manila Metal Framed Daybed with Trundle

by DHP 

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#2: Zinus Eden Twin Daybed and Trundle Set

Like the DHP trundle, the Zinus Eden bed is also a daybed. It features a simple, sleek, modern black metal bar design, and the trundle is a roll-out. The bed frame is a set of a complete trundle and bed frame and is available at the affordable price of $171. The material is alloy steel, and it fits two twin mattresses that must be less than 9.5 inches thick. The product weighs a mere 71 pounds making it light, and the simple design makes it easy to assemble. The Zinus Eden daybed also transforms into a couch during the day and can be dually used as a bed. It currently has over 4000 reviews and is rated 4.5 stars. The trundle is a simple flat roll-out without a drawer for easy assembly and use. There are no other colors or sizes available.

Zinus Eden Twin Daybed and Trundle Set

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Eden Metal Daybed with Trundle


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#3: DHP Tokyo Daybed and Trundle With Metal Frame (Twin)

This modern-style trundle has a Victorian twist with black curved bars and diamond decals. It is a lightweight metal daybed with a trundle that can be converted to a couch during the day and fits two twin-sized mattresses. You can buy the 4.5-star DHP product for $307.99 on Amazon. The trundle can fit up to 225 pounds, and the daybed weight capacity is 400. DHP stands for Dorel Home Products. Their goal is to provide durable and affordable furniture that’s easy to assemble. The Tokyo Daybed has everything you need to set it up inside the box, but if you want expert assembly, you can check the option for help on Amazon for 300 more dollars. The weight of the entire daybed set is just 63 pounds, and the trundle on the bottom of the daybed is a standard roll-out trundle without a drawer. This mattress is a top product for its durability, clean style that matches any home, and affordable price.

DHP Tokyo Daybed and Trundle With Metal Frame (Twin)

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Tokyo Daybed and Trundle with Metal Frame

by DHP 

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#4: DHP Bombay Metal Full Size Daybed Frame With Twin Size Trundle

This trundle bed, also by Dorel Home Products, is a daybed and trundle bed all in one. However, this bed isn’t for two twin mattresses. You can fit a full-sized mattress on the top of the daybed and a twin mattress that’s lightweight and compact for the roll-out trundle. The roll-out trundle has four chasers, with two that lock to keep it in place. The bed frame itself is white and metal with swirling metal curves and spherical decals. The dimensions of the full-sized daybed, which also functions as a couch, are 77.5” x 56” x 43”, and the dimensions for the twin trundle are 71” x 40.5” x 4”. Just like other easy-to-assemble DHP products, the entire daybed ships in one box and you can add expert assembly for 300 more dollars if you prefer. The Bombay daybed is available on Amazon for $339.50.

DHP Bombay Metal Full Size Daybed Frame With Twin Size Trundle

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Bombay Metal Full Size Daybed Frame with Included Twin Size Trundle - White

by DHP 

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#5: Max & Lily Twin Bed Frame With Headboard For Kids With Trundle. 

While the above trundles were metal and rolled out from under daybeds, the white Max and Lily trundle bed is made of sturdy pine wood from New Zealand that is non-toxic and features a pull-out trundle bed in a drawer style. It’s available in colors including white, brown, tan, grey, clay, and more. You can also buy it in full size. The white pull-out trundle bed is available for just $389.99, and it may ship in separate boxes. It comes with a twin-sized trundle and slats. The trundle fits a standard twin up to 8 inches thick, and the trundle doesn’t slide under the bed as the face overlaps. The maximum weight for the Max and Lily bed frame is 400 pounds, and it’s a USA-made product. Due to the solid wood material, it’s a little heavier than other bed frames at 84 pounds. Assembly is easy, but you can add expert assembly for $300 on Amazon.

Max & Lily Twin Bed Frame With Headboard For Kids With Trundle. 

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Twin Bed, Wood Bed Frame with Headboard and Trundle

by Max & Lily 

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#6: Zinus Suzanne Twin Daybed and Trundle Frame Set 

Similar to the Zinus Eden bed, the Zinus Suzanne twin trundle bed is designed as a daybed that is convertible into a couch. The trundle on the bottom is a roll-out, and the design of the Suzanne is simple black metal bars with a medium brown solid wood headboard and footboard. The twin sizes mattresses that the bed accommodates must be 5 or 6 inches maximum. For convenience, you can also purchase only the frame, only the mattress set, or the frame, twin daybed, and trundle frame set all in one. For the alloy steel trundle set on its own, you’ll be paying $289.99. The Zinus Suzanne bed is rated four and a half stars and is an Amazon’s Choice product, and it arrives with a five-year warranty. Assembly is easy to do on your own, and the entire set arrives packed into one box. Everything you need for assembly is included, so you don’t need any tools. This lightweight metal trundle ships weighing 64 pounds, and the recommended maximum weight is 250 pounds.

Zinus Suzanne Twin Daybed and Trundle Frame Set 

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Suzanne Bamboo and Metal Daybed with Trundle


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#7: Zinus Florence Twin Daybed and Trundle Frame Set

If you’re looking for a bright, modern, and simple daybed that fits in with almost any bedroom theme, the Zinus Florence Twin Daybed is for you. This product is made of alloy steel painted white in a contemporary metal bar style without curved or diamond decals. Like other Zinus products,  it accommodates two twin mattresses maximum 5 or 6 inches thick and has a five-year warranty. All tools for assembly are already included. This lightweight, 63-pound trundle frame set can be converted into a sofa, has a roll-out trundle without a drawer, and sells at $229.65. Enjoy free delivery with Amazon prime, and you can return and get a full refund within thirty days of receipt.

Zinus Florence Twin Daybed and Trundle Frame Set

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Twin Daybed and Trundle Frame Set

by Zinus Florence 

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#8: Max and Lily Twin Bed Frame with Headboard For Kids With Trundle – Espresso

This solid pine wood twin bed frame doesn’t look like a trundle bed until you open up the drawer. The sleek,  compact pull-out design is made with Espresso-colored and non-toxic pine wood from New Zealand. The tall headboard features a row of fence-style wooden beams, while the footboard is lower and solid. Handle-shaped cutouts on the drawer make the trundle easy to pull out, and the product doesn’t require a box spring. A slat platform is included, and an MDF panel footboard. It’s a compact bed built to fit kids' rooms, and it can fit standard twin mattresses up to 8 inches thick. The trundle doesn’t slide under the bed as it overlaps the rail. At the same time, assembly is easy and doesn’t involve many parts. The product ships in multiple boxes and weighs 84 pounds with a max holding weight of 400 pounds. You can find this product on Amazon for $579.

Max and Lily Twin Bed Frame with Headboard For Kids With Trundle - Espresso

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Twin Bed, Wood Bed Frame with Headboard

by Max & Lily 

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A trundle bed is the perfect space-saving solution for kids' or guest rooms. Unlike a bunk bed, a trundle bed can appear as a normal single-mattress bed unless the trundle is pulled out. Pull-out trundles are usually in the style of a drawer underneath the main mattress of the bed, while roll-out trundles are a more simple metal platform with wheels that slides under the bed. Zinus, DHP, and Max & Lily are some of the top brands selling trundle beds on Amazon in solid wood and metal. Most of their products are lightweight and ship in a single box, plus they’re easy to assemble on your own.

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