Best Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets

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Bed sheets are one of the most controversial topics when it comes to sleep items, and for good reason. The NY Post suggests that Americans spend nearly half of their life in their bed. Do you really love your bed so much that you are happy to spend half your life in it? If not, chances are it’s time for an upgrade! Consider building a comfortable and luxury sleep foundation with Egyptian Cotton bed sheets. Authentic Egyptian Cotton is the best the market offers in terms of top-tier luxury. 

What Is Egyptian Cotton?

Cleopatra is not the only royalty that Egypt is known for. Egyptian bed sheets are the king of the home goods market. Egypt’s’ climate is to thank for the luxurious softness of Egyptian cotton. The Nile River has provided rich soil for the makings of Egyptian cotton. Pure Egyptian cotton is hand-picked to maintain its softness. This fabric is created in any shade while maintaining its moisture-absorbing properties. The Egyptian Cotton association makes very clear high-quality standards. With their symbol, you know you are receiving authentic Egyptian cotton sheets that come straight from the Nile River valley. Egyptian cotton is a premier product and competes with the softness of silk. The amazing fabric of Egyptian Cotton reigns for good reason. This material is a top choice for a luxury option of new sheets.

Why Should I Choose Egyptian Cotton Sheets?

Egyptian cotton sheets can cost upwards of $500! Is the cost really worth the product? Here is what you need to know. Egyptian bed sheets are extremely durable. The high price you pay now will likely be an investment to last for years to come. Say goodbye to sheets that get pilling and scratchy after a few months. Investing in high-quality Egyptian cotton sheets could save you in the long run. The fabric is also said to increase softness over time. Egyptian cotton sheets are also very breathable. Hot sleepers do not have to worry about suffocating sheets. Instead, Egyptian bed Sheets provide a soft and cool foundation for excellent sleep. While the cost may seem high initially, this option is environmentally friendly. You will no longer need to discard sheet set after sheet set. With the building comfort of Egyptian cotton, these sheets will last. If you are looking for long-term satisfaction, Egyptian cotton is for you!

How Do Egyptian Cotton Sheets Compare?

Supima cotton, Pima cotton, and Egyptian cotton are three of several fabric options in sheets. Each type of cotton has its pros and cons. How do Egyptian cotton sheets compare to these other names?

Pima cotton is durable and comes at a more affordable price. But, it is usually blended with other types of cotton, which lessens its softness. Pima cotton is also not regulated by any 3rd party organization. This can be confusing for those hoping for premium sheets. Blended options may be durable but do sacrifice comfort. Purchasing Pima cotton isn’t a bad option, it just isn’t as soft as Egyptian cotton.

Supima cotton is the “superior” of “Pima” cotton, hence the name Supima. This cotton is made in America. It gives consumers an option at quality without the price of Egyptian Cotton. But, Supima cotton is still an expensive choice. It’s exclusivity to only being made in America can make it hard to find. If you are willing to splurge on sheets, why stop at a good but not best option. Making an investment in Egyptian cotton sheets is a choice you will not regret.

Top Amazon Choices for Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets

As with any top-tier product, there are SO many options to choose from! Considering the quality, price, and reviews are a top priority. Here are some top choices for Egyptian bed sheets on Amazon.

Pure Egyptian Queen Size Cotton Bed Sheets Set

by Thread Spread

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02/27/2024 05:03 am GMT

Pure Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets

These sheets are easily accessible through Amazon! Making them a part of your journey to great sleep in just a few days. This queen sheet set comes in up to 26 different colors. The wide variety of color choices makes them easy to integrate into your room. Selecting products that match what you have may help your budget. You will not have to change everything for the comfort of your new sheets. These sheets boast a 1000 thread count and are machine washable. The flat sheet is a deep pocket sheet and is ready for a great night’s sleep. The price on this sheet set ranges from $74-$94 based on color selection. With over 60% of reviewers giving this option a 5-star rating, these are a good choice for new sheets!

600-Thread-Count Egyptian Cotton Quality Sheet Set

by Thread Spread

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02/27/2024 05:01 am GMT

Thread Spread Egyptian Cotton Luxury King Sheets

Another great Amazon find! These sheets are King sized and said to be the king of cooling. Investing in cooling sheets is essential for hot sleepers. Don’t forget those sweaty summer months too. This option has a 600 thread count and runs from $59-79. This is a great lower price point option for an Egyptian Cotton sheet. This King sheet set includes 1 fitted sheet, a pillowcase, and 1 flat sheet. One reviewer states, “These sheets are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Perfect for the Summer season or any warm weather, they stay nice and cool all night long. Beautiful and luxurious color, easy to wash, quick to dry…I love them and would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of a peaceful, relaxing sleep!!”. With reviews like that, it is no wonder these are a great pick!

Queen Sheets Set Egyptian Cotton, 800 Thread Count


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02/27/2024 04:48 am GMT

Chateau Home Egyptian Cotton Sheets

The Chateau Home Egyptian sheets are 800 thread count and come in a wide variety of sizes. They offer a deep pocket sheet and are hotel class sheets. These sheets have a tailored fit and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They come in 25 different color options and five-bed sizes. From toddlers to adults this is a great option for family comfort. Adding comfy sheets to all beds in your home is not a decision you will regret. These sheets have a 4.4 score out of a 5 star rating. A queen set costs $74 while a king set is only a few extra dollars at $89. These sheets can be delivered quickly via Prime for upgraded sleep now! The price point makes them even more desirable. High-quality sheets at an affordable price are a dream come true!

Linen 800-Thread-Count 100% Cotton Sheets

by Mayfair 

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02/27/2024 04:30 am GMT

Mayfair Egyptian Cotton Sheets

The Mayfair Egyptian Cotton sheets have a sateen weave for optimal comfort at a lower price. This set comes in 33 different color options! From deep red to neutral flowers there is a set to match your style! This sheet option also has eleven size options making it almost impossible to find fault! Split King Size bed? No problem! The Split King option will cost only $89. This is a great budget option for those looking to enter into luxurious sheets. 64% of customers reviewed this product with 5-stars. This 2 -piece sheet set is also able to machine wash! Skip the dry cleaner and the headache of the extra cost. The Mayfair Egyptian Cotton sheet set is a great option in the Amazon sheet market.

CEA Certified Egyptian Cotton Sheet Bed Set

by Pure Parima

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02/27/2024 04:45 am GMT

Pure Parima Egyptian Cotton Sheet Bed Set

The Egyptian cotton in this sheet set comes straight from the Nile River Valley. It comes in ten color choices and six-bed sizes. It offers a 400 thread count and is silky smooth for all-night satisfaction! These sheets have a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, a huge hit on the market. Several customers state they are “WOWED” with the quality and feel of these sheets. Pure Parima definitely provides a great option with these sheets!

Amazon has become one of the world’s largest retailers. With fast shipping and easy returns the risk of trying several options is low. While these choices are excellent, there are several other luxury options to consider! The best Egyptian Cotton sheet will be pure cotton. They will also offer the Egyptian cotton Association symbol. Finding these options can be tricky, but there are some fantastic authentic Egyptian cotton sheet set options.

Egyptian Cotton 800 Thread Count 4-Piece Sheet Set

by DPS Cotton King

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02/27/2024 04:35 am GMT

Hotel Collection 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets

This sheet set is 100% Egyptian cotton and has a 400 thread count. Talk about luxury! The premium long-staple yarn used offers a quality difference you can feel. This is a splurge option that costs $550 for a King set. But, Macy’s has bed linen sales regularly and this set can be found for $327.24! The Hotel Collection set comes in 6 colors. It is also certified by the Egyptian Cotton Association. The genuine Egyptian cotton sheets have a quality you know you can trust. It is a great splurge option for those with a larger budget.


It would be hard to list luxury Egyptian bed sheets without mentioning Sferra. The superiority of this company’s offerings is astounding. These sheets are priced at the top of the market. The SFERRA Giza 45 Luxe Fitted Sheet is $2,169. Yes, just for the fitted sheet! The company states, “Egyptian cotton yarns are woven into a densely rich sateen with an unparalleled, lavish “weight” and lushly smooth hand”. These must be some seriously amazing sheets. This price point is much too high for everyone, but is a great option for those who can afford it! Imagine sleeping on sheets that cost over $2,000. What an experience that must be!

Preparing for Optimal Sleep with Egyptian Cotton

A great sheet set is a spectacular start to a quality night’s sleep. But, putting lipstick on a pig will not transform your life. Make sure you are taking the necessary steps to achieve quality sleep.

Consider the age of your mattress. Is it time to add a mattress topper? Adding a mattress topper can prolong the life of your mattress. Do you have the matching ultimate bed linen? A cooling and comfy duvet cover! Duvet covers can make you feel as if you have the luxury of a hotel bed every night! The feeling of a plush duvet cover matched with the fabric of Egyptian cotton is unmatched. Also, ensure you also have the best pillow to complement your new sheets. Avoid neck pain and interrupted sleep with a quality pillow. These factors will help you enjoy your new investment in the x best Egyptian cotton bed sheets!

Having trouble falling asleep can also be a sleep issue for many people! Even the best sheet in the world cannot combat poor sleep habits. Studies suggest avoiding your phone and other bright lights when trying to get to sleep. So often, we find ourselves scrolling through social media at bedtime. Putting the phone down and preparing for sleep is the best option. Creating a good nighttime routine will help you find peaceful sleep. Consider your bed and sleep an investment in your success. From high-quality Egyptian cotton sheets to a solid bedtime routine, you can reach your best sleep yet.

Regular cotton sheets, Pima cotton Sheets, and Supima cotton sheets have all boasted superiority on the sheet market. Yet, none of these other fabric options have the attributes of Egyptian bed sheets. The bed sheet that reigns king is the Egyptian cotton sheet. Pure and authentic Egyptian cotton sheets scream comfort and luxury. Even the pickiest of sleepers can find joy and comfort in Egyptian bed sheets. No other bed linen can provide such cooling comfort and durability. Add in a Sateen weave or the comfort of a cool Percale weave. You may have found the top tier of the market! While the price point can be high, it is for a very good reason. Luxury items can be costly but Egyptian cotton sheets will be money well spent. Spending half of your life in bed gives you more reason to ensure your bed is a safe haven of luxury comfort.

If you have become a major fan of Egyptian cotton, there are other Egyptian cotton products you may need to consider! Adding a full range of Egyptian cotton to your collection can give you a luxury home retreat!

Egyptian Cotton Products

From bath towels to clothes this luxurious fabric has you covered. Sheets don’t have to be the end of your comfort. There are a few other options when it comes to Egyptian cotton!

Egyptian Cotton Towels

The Superior Store has an Egyptian Cotton towel set. This set includes two bath towels, two hand towels, and two face towels. But they do offer other sizes and set counts. The set can run from $126 to $90 depending on the options you choose. Our top pick always includes bath sheets! The large comfort of a bath sheet with Egyptian cotton is unmatched! Reviewers agree. With over 8,000 reviews and a 4.5 out of 5 stars, this is a great piece to add to your collection!

Egyptian Cotton Robe

Make your home feel even more like a spa with an Egyptian cotton robe! Luxor Linens has a great option that also comes personalized. No need to worry about someone swiping your robe! This choice takes your comfort to a whole new level. This product is $175 and can make for a great gift! It is a Unisex style making it an option for anyone. A gift for yourself or your closest friend, the Egyptian cotton robe can bring you cozy comfort all the time!

Egyptian Cotton Products We Love

  1. Luxury Cotton Bath Towel Set | 6-Piece
    $43.99 ($7.33 / Count)

    by SUPERIOR 

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    02/27/2024 04:38 am GMT
  2. 6 Piece Blended Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel Set

    by Pinzon

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  3. Terry Cloth Bathrobe in a Variety of Colors

    by Luxor Linens 

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Egyptian Cotton Clothing

Believe it or not, this fabric has made its way to the clothing market! No matter your age or gender, there are options for you! The Egyptian Cotton T-shirt company offers both lounge pants and t-shirts. Luxury comfort built to meet your needs! Lounge pants come in 3 colors and size small – 2x. This product runs for $97. The t-shirts are a bit more affordable at $38. The company has certification through the Cotton Egypt Association and offers free shipping! They also support the economically disadvantaged in their factory. Supporting a company that supports others is a win-win!

Egyptian cotton is known for being the highest quality cotton in the world. The care and consideration put into the process are unmatched. The name alone brings thoughts of luxury and comfort. There are so many great products available to you! The best Egyptian cotton sheets provide serenity and luxury comfort. Luxury sheets may come at a higher price. But, they can bring you your best night of sleep yet! Consider your sleep a large investment. Building a top-tier foundation for sleep will benefit you in ways you cannot even imagine. Great quality sleep prepares you for a high-quality day! Spending half of your life sleeping should be a major consideration in your life. Wanting to have top-tier bed linens is understandable. Making an investment in Egyptian cotton sheets is an investment in yourself! The next time you are ready to make some updates to your come, consider Egyptian cotton sheets. The king of the bed linen market will not steer you wrong. Egyptian cotton is the way to go.

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