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Amerisleep is a top-rated mattress company! Although this isn’t a mattress review, it is an Amerisleep review. It’s important to note that pillows and mattresses often go hand in hand. So, purchasing a pillow from a top-notch mattress company seems like a no-brainer, right? 

Maybe you’re trying to figure out what’s going on with your sleep habits. Perhaps you’re just shopping around for different pillows and mattresses. Or perhaps you’ve become overwhelmed with the number of pillow options out on the web and in-store. No matter what brought you here, we’ve got you! This article is packed with information on everything that has to do with pillows and make you a better sleeper! 

Sit back, take a breather and enjoy this read. It’s fun, informational, and of course, it’s packed with products that are hard to pass up. If you’re impressed with Amerisleep, check out the mattress review next and pair your new pillow with an option from Amerisleeps, best, select mattresses. 

What Makes the Amerisleep Pillow So Special?

The Amerisleep pillow is actually unique. If we look at Amerisleep themselves they’re known for using a special type of foam, which can be found in a variety of their mattresses. This foam is called Bio-Pur foam. It’s partly made from plant-based oils, making it less chemically manufactured and much better sleep. Not only is the foam found in Amerisleep mattresses, but Amerisleep also utilizes this foam in their pillows. They are giving them something a bit more unique compared to other pads on the market.

Manufactured with the Bio-Pur foam these pillows are designed with a comfortable sleep in mind. Not only will they hold their shape, but they also have specific cooling and air-flow qualities that are hard to find elsewhere. Along with that Amerisleep has made a variety of pillows that will fit even the most restless sleeper. 

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Why You Should Invest in a New Pillow

Okay, so pillows are kind of tricky to get rid of. Trust me, we get that, but we also get that it’s EXTREMELY important to replace them. Maybe you’ve had the same pillow for ten years and you love it. It’s been to every apartment you’ve ever had, it’s got great memories and overall it’s just a part of you. Well, unfortunately, it’s also a dingy to keep a pillow for that long. Surprisingly enough, pillows should be replaced somewhere around two years! There is a ton of bacteria, different oils, dust, and much more that can build up on your pillows. Which doesn’t allow for a super healthy sleeping place, does it? 

Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding if you really do need a new pillow:

1. Your Neck Hurts

If you’re waking up in the morning or throughout the night with some neck pain it really possibly could be your pillow. On average US citizens sleep around 6-7 hours each night. That’s 6-7 hours on the same pillow!! That’s practically an entire workday. If you were sitting in a wooden chair all day for 8 hours, wouldn’t your butt get sore? PROBABLY! In that case, you’d most likely buy a new chair, a pillow shouldn’t be any different. 

As pillows get older they lose their fluffiness and their firmness, and they even can get lumpy. No one wants a lumpy pillow. If your pillow is looking lumpy, then that definitely could explain your neck problems. If your once fluffy, beautiful pillow is now flat and not so attractive that could explain your neck problems too. There are tons of reasons that a neck could be bothering you while you sleep and your pillow could be the biggest culprit. 

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2. It’s Not Smelling Like It Used Too

Anything that has a weird smell to it, isn’t going to help you get to sleep. Especially something made out of fabric. Think about that hot and sweaty dream you had the other night, yeah the one where you woke up sweating? I bet you didn’t wash your entire pillow the next morning, did you? Totally OK, none of us do. No judgment here, buuuut, now we have a wet pillow. What does wetness bring to fabric items? MOLD AND MILDEW. Grossss.  

If your pillow has started to have a funky smell, it’s probably time to toss it. Even if you try to wash it, there’s still mold and mildew deep inside. Don’t forget, 6-7 hours a night sometimes more, if you’re lucky. You would never breathe mold or mildew during your conscious, waking life, would you!? Please don’t do it in your sleep either, toss the pillow! Buy a new one. 

3. Your Skin Is Changing

It was mentioned before that pillows trap oil and bacteria, which is why it’s so important to change them out around every two years. If you’ve had a pillow longer than that and you just randomly started getting acne or your skin is becoming more and more irritated, it might be your pillow. Try a new one and see if your skin changes! 

Oil, bacteria, and dirt can even seep through a regular cotton pillowcase. You are ultimately reaching your face, even if you change your pillowcases weekly. 

4. You Can’t Seem to Get Your Pillow Just Right

If you’re constantly wrestling with your pillow trying to fluff it up, it’s most likely not the right pillow and not helping your sleep patterns. This is not making you a healthy sleeper in the least. It’s literally disrupting your sleep over something that can so easily be modified and fixed. It’s evident at this point that your pillow has lost its firmness. There’s not quite as much fluffing in it as there used to be. That’s okay, get a new one. Your sleepy self will thank you! 

5. Fold It Up

Okay, so there is a pretty simple way to determine if you need to replace your pillow. It’s not only simple but also pretty much guarantees that your pillow is no longer supporting you the way it should. Alright, take a minute and grab your pillow or don’t and do this whole thing later. 

Fold the pillow in half.

Watch what it does.

Simple right?

After you folded the pillow in half did it spring back and regain its natural shape? No? Well, it definitely should have! Good, strong, structurally functioning pillows go directly back to their original shape after they’ve been folded. Those pillows that don’t, unfortunately, have reached their maximum lifetime. If the pillow stayed folded entirely, it’s undoubtedly done. If it slowly springs back, well, it’s on its last leg. 

Best Amerisleep Pillows on the Market – Expert Review

Okay, if you’re still reading, you probably have realized that for one reason or another you desperately need a new pillow. Great! We love that about you. You are taking the bull by the horns and giving yourself every extra sweet second of sleep that’s possible. A good pillow will assure you that. Ohhhh, how beautiful it would be to sleep on a cloud. Well, with these top sleep Amerisleep Pillow options it could potentially feel exactly like that.

Of course, everyone’s different and sleeping positions, patterns, and styles vary vastly. Therefore, our experts chose the top 3 pillows made by Amerisleep. At least one of these pillows is bound to fit into your sleeping style. So read through everything about them and before you buy, make sure you feel confident! Pillows shouldn’t just be a quick buy, don’t forget you spend 6-7 hours of sleep per night, which on average is 32.5 hours per week, which averages out to around 1,690 hours per year! That’s A LOT. Don’t sell yourself short on that sleeping time. 

Pillow #1: Amerisleep Dual Comfort Pillow

The Amerisleep Dual Comfort pillow is actually designed in such a unique way that it works really well for sleepers who change positions often throughout the night. Or, who are constantly switching up between soft and firm. Just like in the name, the Dual Comfort Pillow comes equipped with dual sides. One side is soft, while the other is firm. 

The soft side of this pillow will ensure sleepers with a comfortable, pressure relieving sleep—kind of like sleeping on a cloud. 

On the other hand, though, the firm side will keep the entire body aligned throughout the night. With the soft side, your head will comfortably sink into the center of the pillow. Sometimes this can affect the alignment of the spine along with other parts throughout the body. Thankfully, the firm side will help to keep everything aligned and comfortable throughout the night. 

This pillow is highly recommended for side sleepers. Side sleepers often need a bit more support considering the head and neck may bend in a very uncomfortable position without the firmness of a pillow to support it. Therefore, the Dual comfort pillow is perfect for exactly that. 

Not only does this pillow come with a really great and unique design, but it also is backed by Amerisleeps warranty. The warranty actually provides TEN YEARS of pillow satisfaction. That’s quite a long time! Along with that, shipping is free AND, but that’s not all. Sleepers will actually get a 100-night sleep trial. So if you’re not satisfied with this pillow in 100 nights, send it back and pick another one!

Price varies depending on the size of the pillow you’d like to buy:

Queen Pillow: $130.00

King Pillow: $150.00

Amerisleep Dual Comfort Pillow
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Pillow #2: Amerisleep Comfort Classic Pillow

Alright, the Amerisleep Comfort Classic Pillow has proved to be a favorite time and time again, almost making it the best pillow option. I mean obviously! Who doesn’t love a good classic pillow? This pillow is filled with air channels and is much more breathable than its traditional memory foam counterparts. It is also, filled with a higher level of comfort layer inside. All due to the Bio-Pur technology that Amerisleep is famous for. Thank goodness for this stuff, it’s really amazing. A little bit groundbreaking if we’re being honest. 

Don’t let this pillow slip by. If you need an excellent old-fashioned firm and supportive pillow then this is the one. It’s classic, it’s unique, and it was designed to give you the best night’s sleep. 

Price varies depending on the size of the pillow you’d like to buy:

Queen Pillow: $110.00

King Pillow: $130.00

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Pillow #3: Amerisleep Flex Pillow

The Amerisleep Flex Pillow is another viable and unique option for a pillow for you. This pillow was literally designed with you in mind. This is the Amerisleep adjustable pillow. WHAT?! Yeah, you read that right, adjustable! The pillow is packed with these tiny little pieces of shredded foam, known as MicroFlex, and are made to flex to any sleeper’s position literally. So if you’re someone who is constantly changing positions throughout the night, well this one’s for you. It’s moldable, comfortable, and an overall good quality pillow. While also providing a significant amount of pressure relief. 

Price varies depending on the size of the pillow you’d like to buy:

Queen Pillow: $100.00

King Pillow: $120.00

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Why Should I Get A Good Quality Pillow? 

At this point, you’ve probably got a little better of an understanding of how your pillows are currently treating you. Let’s take a minute to find out how much they actually affect one’s sleep. Sure, there are plenty of ways to tell when it’s time for a new pillow, and for some of us, it’s right now. But, understanding what a good pillow can actually do for us is also equally important. 

It’s much easier to head down to TJ-Maxx or Target and buy a pair of pillows for $20.00 than it is to throw out hundreds. Why wouldn’t you do that? Well, bare with us. There are actually reasons why it’s important to spend a bit more money on a bit pricier, much higher quality pillow.

You Get More Rest

Having a comfortable and high-quality pillow helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. If you don’t have to wake up and resituate your pillow, you’re already ahead of the game. This means that your pillow is good! It fits you well, and that’s really the most important part. On the other hand, if you feel you’re constantly moving and fluffing your pillow, it’s probably not fitting you or your sleep habits as well as it should. 

They Provide Better Breathability

More expensive pillows are normally backed by science. The sleeping experts have literally studied what helps people sleep better. They have developed technologies over the years that have proven time and time again to improve the sleep of different sleeping characteristics. In most cases, they also offer that science-backed technology to each individual’s sleep pattern.


The more expensive the pillow, the longer it lasts. Yes, a good rule of thumb with a pillow is two years, but with higher quality pillows this changes. The fabric and quality of the pillow are often stronger, and able to steer clear of bacteria and dust much easier than a traditional, inexpensive pillow. Meaning it essentially could last you much longer, providing better sleep for that time frame as well.

It’s important to check out the manufacturer’s website to learn more about that. As for Amerisleep, all of the pillows are backed with a 10-year warranty. So if say in 2 years, your pillow doesn’t pass the fold test Amerisleep will replace it for you! That’s awesome and overall, makes the more expensive price tag worth it. 

Spinal Alignment

Just like with the fabric and overall quality of the pillow, there is science-backed data on how a good quality pillow supports the body. With pillows that are backed by this science, you can almost be promised that the pillow provides the spinal alignment that helps you to get your most restful version of sleep—leaving you with a very good feeling early in the morning. 

Purchasing a good quality pillow does actually have an effect on the overall quality of one’s sleep. It also can have a positive effect on your wallet in the long run. In reality that’s pretty great.

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In conclusion, Amerisleep pillows are a really great investment. Like with all other investments, by the end of it, you SHOULD get something out of it. In this case, better sleep might be the best thing to come. And in this day and age, that’s a pretty awesome investment. 

The Amerisleep pillow outweighs the pros of even the best memory foam pillow on the market, making it an obvious choice for anyone who already loves the traditional memory foam. With their own science-backed technology Bio-Pur, the Amerisleep pillow offers support for side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers. Providing a variety of quality pillows that are bound to fit your sleeping style, you can’t go wrong with your choice. 

At this point hopefully, you’ve found at least one of the top 3 best Amerisleep Pillows that offer the most Xtreme comfort and that will actually fit your sleeping characteristics. If you have and have decided it is the best time to purchase a new pillow, then don’t wait any longer! Even if you’re not planning to pair this pillow with an Amerisleep mattress, that’s okay! 

If you still need some convincing, remember that they offer a 10-year warranty! Along with that, the Dual Comfort Pillow offers a 100-day trial period. You can’t go wrong just giving it a shot. After all, sleeping does take over, on average, 1,690 hours out of your year. Don’t waste them tossing and turning. Along with all of this great information, don’t forget to check Amerisleep’s best mattress options as well.

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