Best Amerisleep Mattresses


Best Amerisleep Mattresses

If you’re considering getting a new mattress, Amerisleep has the variety you want. The brand was founded not too long ago with a mission to create the perfect mattresses, each with different features, so you can find which one works best. How do you know which to choose with all the mattresses available? Amerisleep’s most popular tried and true mattresses include the Hybrids, As5s, and memory foam mattresses. The Hybrid mattresses combine signature Bio Pur foam with plant-based technology and pocket springs. In contrast, the memory foam mattresses have cooling high-quality memory foam that molds to your preferred sleeping position. The AS5 is one of the most popular models, as it uses memory foam and is a plush and ultra-soft mattress. In this article, you’ll discover what Amerisleep is, a guide on their popular mattresses, other similar brands, pricing, and where to buy. 

What Is Amerisleep?

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Amerisleep was founded in 2010 by three people: brothers Firas and Moe Kittaneh, and Joey Holt. They began as an online retailer for mattresses and were one of the first companies with an online platform for large bedding products. Seven years later, the company’s success led them to open their first retail store in Arizona. They even have ‘Dream Suites’ in their locations where customers can take naps to try out the mattresses for themselves truly. Their retail stores are in Oregon, Texas, Arizona, and Colorado– and they even have three stores in South Korea. They manufacture in Indiana, thus staying true to their American title of Amerisleep mattress by producing using only high-quality materials and practices. 

Things To Look For in a Good Mattress

Choosing a new Amerisleep mattress is a big investment. Large retail stores and online platforms specialize just in selling mattresses, and they typically have a wide variety of products available in more than just size differences. Each mattress model is different and caters to individual preference. Before making your purchase, you should keep these important things in mind. person sleeping in bed


Not every mattress has the same level of firmness because not everyone prefers the same level. While an in-between is ideal for many, you’ll find mattresses that are firmer than usual (harder) or ones that are softer than usual. Many products use a scale to rate firmness from 1-to 10, with one being the softest and ten being the firmest. Think about what you would prefer to sleep on. Do you like how it feels to sleep on a couch or a harder surface? You might like a firm mattress. If you can’t fall asleep on a firm surface and love the feeling of sinking into a soft one, then you may prefer a softer mattress. Remember, one isn’t better than the other– it’s just based on personal preference. 


The material depends greatly on the age and style of the mattress. You’ll find that older ones use metal springs for support, but newer mattresses use foam, typically memory foam. Some people buy on a budget and select an air bed, which is also convenient for travel and is blown up with air for support. Again, it’s up to you what you prefer. You’ll mostly be deciding between spring and memory foam. Generally, memory foam is more desired. 


You can’t just buy any mattress! Make sure you know the size and dimensions of your bed frame. Some mattresses are also thicker and taller than others. Most people prefer a large mattress because of its comfort, but you’ll need a matching bed frame. The smallest mattress size is a crib for baby-sized beds, but a twin is generally considered the smallest ‘adult’ bed size. Most kids grow up with a twin-sized bed, and it’s common in hospitals and bunk beds because it’s just enough room for an adult or child to sleep comfortably, but it takes up the least amount of space in the room. Consider a twin (38 by 75 inches) if your room is small. 

Twin XL is a step up from twin– it’s the same width but five inches longer (38 by 80 inches). It is a common bed size for college dorms and adults who are too tall for a twin bed. A full-sized mattress is usually accepted as the smallest mattress size for two people to sleep on. It’s 54 by 75 inches. It’s also good for single people who want some extra width. A queen is longer and wider and is 60 by 80 inches. It’s the most popular bed size of all time, both for couples and singles. A king is 76 by 80 inches and is truly luxurious, and for many brands it’s the largest size. A California King isn’t larger than a king, but it subtracts four inches from the width of a king and adds four inches to the length, so it is narrower and longer and perfect for those very tall. 

Spring vs. Memory Foam Mattresses

Amerisleep’s best mattresses are available in memory foam only or hybrid. A hybrid mattress has pocketed coils and springs but also a layer of memory foam. Which mattress type should you get?

Springs are more responsive than memory foam as they have more bounce. They are very cooling because of the airflow that travels freely between the coils. They tend to give mattresses a firmer feel and reduce motion transfer. Amerisleep uses pocketed coils– this is the most modern type of spring mattress technology, and they are made of individual pieces of wire with a uniform width. They are called pocketed because they’re wrapped in fabric, such as wool or cotton. For heavier people, springs are a better option than memory foam because they can support more weight and retain firmness. Some downsides generally apply to spring mattresses, though. They can be noisy, but buying a hybrid mattress with memory foam top layer may help that problem. Also, some people may find them to be too firm. Over time, the coils might wear down and lose their firmness. If it doesn’t have specific support, it might not be as good as memory foam for relieving back and neck pain. person sleeping in bed

Memory foam is usually more expensive, and it’s a newer technology. It’s softer than the springs and can make for a good plush mattress. It molds to your sleeping position and then returns to its normal shape after removing pressure. A side sleeper usually prefers memory foam over springs, relieving pressure in all the right places. It’s like a custom mattress, but it doesn’t need to be custom-made! They are generally warmer than spring mattresses, but they also last longer. It is excellent for pain relief for back, shoulder, neck, or leg pain. A study even found that people who slept without a memory foam mattress reported higher levels of back and leg pain than those who slept with a memory foam mattress. 

Overall, one mattress type isn’t better than the other. They both have pros and cons, so it’s up to you to decide which one would work better for you. Then again, don’t forget about hybrid mattresses– which you’ll read more about below. These have at least two inches of foam layering on the top plus pocketed coils, so you don’t need to pick one over the other!foam mattress

Best Amerisleep Mattresses

Amerisleep didn’t become one of the country’s top mattress retailers in such a short amount of time for no reason. Their products are made in the USA and also have free shipping and returns, which would otherwise be super-pricey due to the size of shipping a mattress! Every Amerisleep mattress has a 20-year warranty and also arrives with a 100-night sleep trial where you can try out the product for 100 nights, and if it still isn’t working for you, you can give it back for a refund with no questions asked. It’s also non-toxic.

Amerisleep Memory Foam Mattress Review

Amerisleep offers three best-selling memory foam mattresses known as the AS2, AS3, and AS5. Their memory foam is different than traditional memory foam and is called Bio-Pur because it’s also made sustainably. Bio Pur memory foam isn’t densely constructed like normal memory foam, which allows air to move freely so that heat doesn’t get trapped (and you get extra cooling sleep). It is known as ‘open-cell’ memory foam. Traditional memory foam also takes a long time to rise to its original shape after pressure is removed, which can be annoying for those who shift positions during sleep. Bio Pur foam bounces up easily right after pressure is removed, and when pressure is placed, it carefully contours to your body. Also, traditional memory foam is 100 percent petroleum-based. Bio-Pur partially uses renewable plant-based oils. 

Memory foam was originally designed in the 1960s for NASA spaceship seats due to its shock-absorbing and pressure relieving properties. But once mattress companies got their hands on it, it became the standard for modern mattress material. It is made of a polyurethane polymer, and different compounds are added to make it flexible. It slowly molds to pressure, and once any pressure is removed, it sinks back up to its original shape. It’s not just pressure either– it responds to temperature as well, so your body heat makes the mattress softer and more malleable as you lay on it. 

1. AS2 Memory Foam Mattress

The Amerisleep AS2 mattress has the best value of all the memory foam mattresses and is categorized as ‘medium-firm’. According to Verywell Health, it’s the best mattress for back pain as it has the perfect amount of firmness for spinal alignment and comfort. It is especially recommended for a back sleeper or stomach sleeper. It’s available in every size: twin, twin xl, full, queen, king, California king, and split king. It starts at $599 for the twin mattress and goes up to $1448 for the split king. The Amerisleep AS2 mattress also arrives with a free cooling cover that can reduce temperatures by 7 degrees while sleeping. The best part is that you can split up your payments into as low as 48 dollars a month if you don’t want to pay it all at once. In the past two years, it’s been rated four times as the best mattress for back pain by major sleep blogs, including Verywell. You can add an Amerisleep AS2 bed frame to your order if you want.

AS2 Mattress amerisleep
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2. AS3 Memory Foam Mattress

News site USA Today rates the Amerisleep AS3 mattress the best memory foam mattress. It is Amerisleep’s ‘best selling’ mattress. It’s modeled to be the perfect ideal that accommodates the widest range of sleep styles and preferences, with just the right amount of medium firmness. It’s made with cooling Bio-Pur memory foam and arrives with a refresh cooling cover to reduce temperatures up to 7 degrees. The mattress relieves pressure and provides soothing comfort and pain relief through a HIVE technology transition layer. It means it has extra support under your head, back, and legs and extra cushioning under the shoulders and hips. The prices for the Amerisleep AS3 start at $699 for a twin and go up to $1648 for a split king. Available sizes include twin, twin XL, queen, king, full, California king, and split king; don’t forget that shipping is free for all of these options!

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3. AS5 Memory Foam Mattress

The AS5 mattress is Amerisleeps’ softest plush mattress, rated as the ‘best overall soft mattress’ by Forbes and the Sleep Foundation. It uses Bio-Pur memory foam to relieve pressure and Active Flex support, making it perfect for heavier sleepers, side sleepers, and those who shift sleeping positions often. There’s also a hybrid option for this mattress: purchase the regular memory foam AS5 mattress or get a hybrid made with memory foam and coils. The hybrid option is more expensive than the classic one. Both of them arrive with a free Refresh Cooling Cover to reduce temperatures up to 7 degrees. It also has a HIVE transition layer to provide extra support for the head, legs, and back, plus extra shoulder and hip cushioning. The Active Flex layer is a foam layer that gives the mattress its unique bounce, making it perfect for combination sleepers. If you shift positions often, traditional memory foam will take a while to rise again and end up in an uncomfortable surface of bumps and dips from your previous position. With Active Flex, the mattress will return to its original shape much faster after pressure is removed. The twin is $1299, and prices go up to $2848 for the split king. The sizes mentioned in the other two mattresses above are also available in AS5.

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Amerisleep Hybrid Mattress Review

You’re still deciding on whether you should get a memory foam or innerspring mattress. Don’t you think it’s a little late for that? It’s perfectly ok– because you don’t even need to decide. If you want the best of both worlds, check out Amerisleep hybrid mattresses that combine pocketed coils and memory foam technology for the most durable and comfortable mattress you’ll find. Plus, you get the same benefits as the memory foam mattresses like the Amerisleep AS3, AS2, and AS5 but in hybrid form.

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The memory foam in the hybrid mattresses is still Amerisleep’s Bio Pur memory foam. You also get pocketed cells– individually pocketed coils allow for good airflow, so you’ll stay cool. They also don’t sag or get any soft spots and have the most bounce out of any mattress material. They are springs, after all! Amerisleep warns you to watch out for other companies marketing their mattresses as ‘hybrid.’ Anyone can mix two or more materials and call their product a hybrid. Still, a true hybrid mattress will have at least two inches of foam in the top layer like the Amerisleep ones, along with the pocketed coils that provide edge support.

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The AS2h is medium-firm and 12 inches thick. It’s composed of three layers and starts at 899 dollars. It’s the best value mattress of the three and has similar properties to the classic memory foam only AS2. The Amerisleep AS3h hybrid is like the classic Amerisleep AS3. It has four layers and a medium feel, so it’s slightly less firm than the AS2h and 12 inches thick. It starts at 999 dollars. Lastly, the AS5 hybrid— this mattress is 14 inches thick and has four layers. The AS5 hybrid starts at $1599 and has a plush feel making it the best ultra-soft mattress like the AS5.

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Overall, finding the right mattress can take time as it is an investment that will last several years.

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