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Upgrading a mattress is never easy! Not only are mattresses expensive, but there are also about a million options out there. With almost everything being sold online, of course, choosing a mattress online is practically a must. If you’ve made it to this article, you’ve probably already been searching for a while and have come across the Alaskan King Bed. These beds are actually pretty unique. Not only are they super comfy, but they’re also big enough for everyone in the family. 

Whether you’re just looking for more room to sleep, you need a new family bed because let’s face it, the kids CAN NOT make it through the full night in their beds, or you and your partner are just looking to upgrade; here is everything you need to know. Even if you decide this isn’t the mattress for you enjoy a little insight into the joys of buying a mattress

What Makes an Alaskan King Size Bed Special

Honestly, this bed is actually quite an exceptional mattress. Not only is it larger in size, but it also comes with a unique shape. Making it even more special! If you’re debating on whether this bed is the right size, shape, and material for your household, check out these points that make it just that much more remarkable compared to others. 

1. It’s a Family Bed

In a day and age where co-sleeping is becoming more and more common, it’s important to have a bed big enough to support everyone. There are surprisingly a ton of benefits from co-sleeping. Which is actually quite special to families. Not only do kids and parents tend to be closer when they co-sleep, but it actually helps to maintain body temperature and even weight. Another great reason for co-sleeping is the fact that babies actually go to sleep. It’s hard to put an infant down to sleep, only to wake up an hour later to them crying. With co-sleeping, that doesn’t necessarily happen. It even helps parents to sleep better. 

With all of that in mind, it’s also essential to keep your babies, toddlers, and even school-aged children safe while co-sleeping. The Alaskan King size bed is a big player in the realm of keeping everyone safe and happy while they sleep. With enough room for everyone to spread out, it’s less likely for a parent to roll over a child. It’s also less likely everyone will be overlapping each other. 

2. Build a Stronger Sleep Foundation in Your Relationship

Having a partner normally means sharing EVERYTHING. Everything definitely includes a mattress. So whether you’re a couple that absolutely loves to cuddle or you’re a couple that really wants your space investing in an oversized mattress could ultimately build a stronger sleep foundation between the two of you. King size mattresses not only give you the freedom to spread out, but they also give you the space to be close. Which in relationships are both super important. 

The extra space may also give couples an easier time dealing with different work schedules. Being able to get in and out of bed without disrupting the other’s sleep is very important. It can be pretty tricky, though, in, say, a queen mattress, but with a king-size bed, it’s usually relatively easy to get in and out without disturbing anyone.

3. Furry Friends

Yes, co-sleeping with kids is one thing, but imagine co-sleeping with kids and pets! You definitely need A LOT more space in that case. Even if you don’t have kids and you only have a few furry friends running amuck. They aren’t typically the most comfortable sleepers, and in most cases, they love to snuggle or spread out. With an Alaskan King bed, you, your pets, your significant other, and even your kiddos can all comfortably fit in bed without any problems. The extra space and durability in an Alaskan King mattress will definitely give families a sense of community and safety throughout their entire night’s rest. 

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Is the Alaskan King Thought to Be an Oversized Bed?

Alright, so the mattress experts really had to dive deep to figure this one out. Is the Alaskan King too big? This is a tough one because, like many other things in life, it’s all situational. I mean, the best parts about this mattress are the fact that they can fit entire families, partners/couples can comfortably sleep without disturbing each other, and of course, it fits bigger people comfortably. Whether you’re taller or wider, your body parts will not be hanging out the edge. 

All of that makes it seem like it couldn’t possibly be oversized, right? WRONG. Unfortunately, this bed is actually really large. Like it is going to take up a huge portion of your bedroom. So, if your master bedroom is on the smaller size, then this probably isn’t the best choice. If you don’t mind it taking up your entire room, then sure why not! You don’t do much else in there besides sleep, right? Well, who knows? That’s totally up to the buyers and can be a pretty big con, considering most master bedrooms aren’t the insane size of movie stars. 

Another note is that it is the most expensive oversized mattress. Which is often another turn-off. Considering it not only will take up most of your bedroom, but it also will take a pretty big chunk out of your wallet. Making the decision if it’s worth the size or not is an even tougher one to make. The experts decided that there’s no possible way to tell exactly what you or your family are looking for in a mattress. Therefore, take these notes and compare them to your own life.

Alaskan King Mattress Compared to Others

Texas King Bed

A hot second to the Alaskan King Mattress is the Texas King Bed. This second largest oversized mattress is still quite a bit smaller than the Alaskan King. A Texas King Mattress measures 80 inches by 98 inches, while the Alaskan King measures 108 inches by 108 inches. Therefore, the Alaskan King is definitely bigger, and also a complete symmetrical square. Making it a more aesthetically pleasing option. 

Aesthetics behind, the Texas King Bed is more narrow, allowing to fit into smaller bedrooms a bit easier. There’s still plenty of space in this bed for the average 4 person family, but with additional kiddos climbing in and even some pets, this mattress might not quite be an adequate amount of space. Price-wise it’s also not that much cheaper. Yes, it is cheaper, but in hindsight, the price difference doesn’t change so much between the two. 

Texas King: $2,000 – $3,500

Alaskan King: $2,500 – $5,000

Wyoming King Bed

The Wyoming King comes in a bit smaller than both the Texas King and the Alaskan King. At an average measure of 84 inches by 84 inches. Making it a much smaller option than the other two. Although it may be smaller, there is still significantly enough room to be categorized as a family bed. All of the members might not fit quite as comfortably as the Alaskan King, but they can still fit without being pushed off the sides.

Being 84 inches tall makes it a great option for taller couples! The Alaskan King is undoubtedly bigger, but you’ll save quite a bit of money investing in the Wyoming King. It is also more suitable for a smaller bedroom compared to the others. 

Wyoming King: $1,500 – $3,000

Alaskan King: $2,500 – $5,000

California King Mattress

And last but certainly not least our smallest oversized mattress option, the California King Mattress. Although seeming to be quite popular in the realm of musical artists and often playing a featured role in lyrics, this bed is significantly smaller than the other three. Coming in hot at 84 inches in length and 72 inches in width, this rectangular mattress is great for someone who wants an oversized mattress but isn’t quite ready to sacrifice their space. 

Along, with being a bit smaller, it’s a bit more affordable. This mattress is significantly cheaper than the Alaskan King, which often sways purchasing options. 

California King: $900 – $3,000

Alaskan King: $2,500 – $5,000

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Regular Standard King Mattress

Alright, so it’s also important to understand the difference between oversized mattresses and just a regular old standard king mattress. Other than size, the overall luxury comforts don’t change all that much. Of course, depending on the mattress type you prefer to have. But, size and price definitely have quite a big difference. The average regular standard king mattress is usually somewhere around 76 inches by 80 inches. All in all, it is quite smaller than the oversized king mattress options. Although these mattresses are still MUCH wider than the average queen mattress and can still be a great option for a family bed

Regular Standard King Mattress: Less than $1,000

Alaskan King: $2,500 – $5,000

Comparing the different styles definitely needed to be explained initially to help you better understand your options. If you’re still excited to learn more about the Alaskan King bed, then keep reading, if not, check another article to learn more about the mattress of your choice! 

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Types of Alaskan King Mattresses

Well, if you’ve continued reading, then you’re probably still interested in this mattress, or maybe you just LOVE reading and researching mattresses (I’m with ya on that one). Like with most beds, there is a variety of different types of mattresses and with most humans, everyone is different. Some people love hard beds, some love soft, and some love memory foam. Beds and sleep patterns are very direct to individuals. Thankfully, the Alaskan King Mattress comes with a few different options for your liking. 

Foam Mattress: Alright, so a variety of people that have been chatted with absolutely swear by foam. Claiming that their sleep is 100% better with a foam mattress. While others can’t stand foam. Foam can definitely be an extremely comfortable mattress choice (think sinking into the perfect foundation of a hug around your body). It also definitely comes with some downsides (think heat getting trapped against your body). Temperature is hard to moderate with a foam mattress, but it does provide great support and is proven to relieve pressure. 

Innerspring Mattress: Spring mattresses have been around for a VERY long time and are often sworn by. For deep sleepers this is hands down the best option. They provide overall support throughout the entire surface. Making for a very restful night’s sleep. With that in mind, for someone who has pressure point issues or doesn’t sleep super deep, this might not be the best option. As there isn’t much support revolving around pressure and sleep characteristics. It’s quite a basic model of a mattress. With the Alaskan King though, you can be guaranteed a cooling night’s sleep, because they have been designed with improved breathability, lucky you!

Latex Mattress: The latex bed is probably rated one of the most comfortable options out there, but with the most comfort often comes the highest price tag. The Alaskan King’s latex model is often much pricier than the other mattress options but also totally worth it. Not only is this mattress made out of rubber tree sap it also doesn’t restrict movement and keeps the body cool. Which definitely makes it something desirable.

The Hybrid Mattress: If you’re totally lost on which mattress to choose, The Alaskan King Bed Company gets it! This is why they specially created the hybrid mattress. Think, all of the abovementioned options combined into one! Everything is all wrapped up to give reliable support and relieve pressure. If you really can’t decide, go with this one. It’s still quite pricey, but come on, you can’t put a budget on your sleep, can you? 

Expert’s Mattress Insider – Things to Keep In Mind

Alright, so at this point, you might be almost sold on whether or not this mattress is worth purchasing, but there are probably still a few laundering questions in the back of your mind. Don’t worry those are still coming! Here is a super quick list of things that you should probably consider before clicking confirm purchase.

1. Budget

I know it was said before that putting a budget on sleep isn’t possible, but in reality, it is very likely and, in fact, could be crucial. There are tons of mattresses out there that could possibly fit perfectly inside your budget. Don’t get lost in the idea of luxury, because the Alaskan King bed prices can be pretty overwhelming. Look at all the options and go with the mattress that you can seriously afford. Don’t strain your budget over something you don’t NEED

2. Warranty

Thankfully, the Alaskan King Bed offers a pretty decent warranty. As they should if you’re shoveling out thousands of dollars. Okay, so the website states that they offer a 10-year LIMITED warranty. Meaning that there are a variety of things that are NOT covered. It’s definitely important to take a close look at this before you buy. Warranties should always be read and understood before making any purchase, no matter one this big. 

3. Room Size

Room size should definitely be at the top of your list before even considering an Alaskan King size bed. These are the largest oversized mattresses on the market! MEASURE YOUR ROOM FIRST. There is nothing easy about shipping a $5,000 oversized mattress back because it didn’t fit in your bedroom. There are plenty of smaller options out there that will still make a perfect family bed. If your room isn’t big enough, look into something else. 

Where to Buy

Alright, so last but definitely not least, where should you buy the mattress? If you’ve made it this far, serious complete #3 first!!! It would be awful to shop around for hours only to find out it was a total waste of time. So stop what you’re doing, go measure your room and then come back! 

Okay, done? Hopefully. Aright, let’s get into the fun part. Buying a new mattress is sooo exciting. Check out these sites that offer the best deals for an Alaskan King Size Mattress

Von Epica Everest 

Price: $5,480

Photo source:

Alaskan King Mattress 

1” Soft Organic Cotton Quilt

2” Gel Memory Foam

2” Talalay Latex

Smooth Top Organix Cotton Bottom

Price: $4,699

Alaskan King Bed Mattress
Photo source:

Specify to You

Price: $2,000 – $4,000

12 inch Alaskan King Mattress Medium
Photo source:

Alaskan King Bed Company: The Original

Price: $2,750

Alaskan King Bed Company Original
Photo source:

Alaskan King Bed Company: The Luxe 

Price: $3,400

Alaskan King Bed Company Luxe
Photo source:

Alaskan King Bed Company: The Grand Luxe

Price: $10,000

Alaskan King Bed Company Grand Luxe
Photo source:


In conclusion, there is absolutely no doubt that the Alaskan King Bed is a top-notch luxury mattress. With a top-notch mattress, comes a top-notch price tag. Making it a little bit more difficult for the average household to bring home. With the cheapest mattress running well over $2,000, this bed is quite the luxury. With that in mind setting and sticking to a budget is highly recommended.

If this mattress fits well within your budget, then by all means, it is a great option. It will work great as a comfortable sleep for the couple, as a family bed, or for a household full of pets. You’ll undoubtedly have a good night’s sleep. Offering a variety of different mattress options, there is a bed out there for every type of sleeper

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