Angel Pillow Review: Is It Right for You?

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Have you seen the commercials for the new Angel Sleeper Pillow by Copper Fit? It’s designed for side and back sleepers and is apparently available in Standard and King sizes and sells for about 40 and 60 USD respectively. You can either order it from their website or on Amazon; expect to have it in about three weeks from the moment you order it. 

The “best pillow for you,” as they advertise it, ships in a protective plastic pouch with a zippable cover you can reuse for storage when not in use. It isn’t vacuum sealed so there’s little off-gassing and it’s ready for immediate use.

Angel Sleeper Pillow Review

This pillow is well balanced, and it isn’t too firm or too thick so it has a medium feel, which seems to be the range most side and back sleepers prefer. Similarly, its loft is also medium and 5 inches thick. It’s enough to accommodate most side and back sleepers with small- to average-sized heads. BTW, it’s great for back sleeping but not as much for side sleeping, especially if you’re larger and your shoulders are too big for it.

Furthermore, the pillow is two-sided. The shallow side is for sleeping sideways and the thicker one sort of slopes down for back sleeping. Its edges are contoured inward so you can hug it and it won’t bunch up. 

Are you a stomach or back sleeper experiencing neck or shoulder problems at night? This pillow might be a good solution for you, then. It’s quite expensive, indeed, but doesn’t cost as much as a new mattress. The return fee within the US is about $10 so it would only cost around $20 to try the pillow and return it within the 30-day trial period. It seems like a good deal if they genuinely honor it, right? 

There are many, many foam pillows currently on the market but Angel Sleeper has the most streamlined shape. The added copper-infused benefit makes it quite attractive. OK, this is the second time we mention this so, what is it exactly?

Angel Sleeper Pillow
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Copper-Infused Pillowcases

This is a technique in which a manufacturer embeds copper oxide particles in fabrics like polyester or nylon, for pillowcases in this case. The science behind these cases seems to be sound and research shows that using a copper-infused pillowcase has skin healing benefits; in fact, it can help reduce and prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

Also, did you know that copper is naturally antimicrobial? This is the reasoning behind the claim that this pillow can induce the antimicrobial healing properties of this metal on your skin and keep bacteria at bay. There’s been reported improvement in acne among some copper pillow users as it reduces friction damage to your hair and skin. Likewise, it helps reduce and prevent wrinkles, you can machine wash both the pillow and the pillowcase. In fact, you can wash it as soon as you take it out of the package to remove certain smells you might be sensitive to. Copper is essential for good health and is safe in smaller amounts although higher doses can be harmful. 

The Angel Pillow

What the Angel Sleeper Pillow most stands out for are its cutout sides and copper-infused pillowcase. Side sleepers who can’t ever rest their arms properly will appreciate such cutouts as they leave extra room near your head. In general, this pillow is conforming, supportive, and innovative, and you might be satisfied by it.

However, as you can expect from a memory foam pillow, the Angel Sleeper may be too warm for you as the unique composition of this material retains the heat generated by your head and neck. Needless to say, hot sleepers find it way uncomfortable. The copper-infused pillowcase does regulate temperature to a certain extent but won’t keep you cool so you might want to check out other options for that purpose.


You can pay $10 to over $200 for one of these kinds of pillows and the price depends on their quality and the materials they’re made of. The memory foam models are usually in the mid-average of this price range.

The price of the Angel Sleeper, about 40-60 USD, is up there with similarly constructed pillows. The design is quite innovative and, as we said above, it includes a copper-infused cover so it might actually be a better value than some equivalently priced models.

Of course, price should be an important factor in any purchasing decision but you might want to consider rewarding quality, it deserves it. The reason why quality is critical to quality is that it could directly impact comfort and durability. Inexpensive pillows are cheaper, of course, but you’ll have to replace them after a few months. This is because some become flat and others lumpy, and you’ll end up paying more than purchasing a high-quality pillow from the beginning.

These pillows are on the pricey side so the manufacturers seem to have put a lot of thought into the design. It certainly doesn’t look like a typical pillow. While the Angel Sleeper is good enough,  it has strengths and weaknesses and some sleepers might not like it a lot while others will love it.


The best feature of the Angel pillow is it molds to your body and helps promote optimal spinal alignment by distributing the weight of your head more evenly. It limits pressure points, as you can see. It’s also quite durable and anti-odor. In turn, the firmness options and temperature control are its weaker points as those who prefer a softer or firmer model and those who are hot sleepers probably won’t like it.

The Angel Sleeper molds well to your head and neck but you must be aware that the moldability is quite different from down or natural fiber pillows. This one automatically adjusts based on heat and weight so you don’t have to fluff it. In turn, it won’t bunch like conventional pillows so you have less control over the precise shape. 

The other standing feature of this pillow is the copper-infused pillowcase, and we’ve already explained it above so we won’t bore you by repeating it.


The Angel Sleeper Pillow holds up well as time goes by and typically retains its shape well. The pillow should return to its original shape when you remove the pressure but could develop lasting impressions and flatten eventually if you sleep in the same position every night. 

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Sleeping Styles

Side Sleepers

The feel and the medium loft of the Angel Sleeper are great for side sleeping as the pillow is thick and supportive enough to fill the distance between your head and neck and the mattress. Thus, it can keep your spine aligned. The pillow also features a cut-out that’s a benefit to side sleepers as they can use it to place and rest their arms.

Side sleepers under 230 pounds will get the best support as the Angel Sleeper isn’t thick or supportive enough for heavier individuals. It’d be difficult for them to keep their necks and spines aligned.

Back Sleepers

People who sleep on their back need a supportive pillow that can keep their heads from slumping back. This is because it strains the neck and could worsen snoring. In turn, a pillow that’s too thick or firm would push the chin towards the chest and lead to discomfort.

Most back sleepers prefer medium to firm pillows with a medium loft and while the thickness of the Angel Sleeper is appropriate for most of those who sleep on their back, its firmness isn’t ideal. It would be comfortable for you if you’re under 130 pounds but it might not be for you if you’re heavier as your head would sink more deeply into the memory foam. That’s not to say you wouldn’t find it somewhat comfortable, it’s just not your ideal pillow if you tend to sleep on your back.

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Stomach Sleepers

Do you sleep on your stomach? If so, then you know your kind of sleeper usually needs a softer, thinner pillow than those sleeping in other positions. This is because a firm or thick pillow could push your head backward and put pressure on your neck.

The Angel Sleeper may be too much for a stomach sleeper due to its medium loft and firmness. You may still enjoy its softness and the way it molds to your body, and appreciate the cutout space to rest your arms, though.

Angel Pillow Comparison

Ultimate Memory Foam Pillow for Side and Back Sleepers Wearable Blanket

by Copper Fit Angel

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02/26/2024 05:34 pm GMT

Copper Fit Angel Sleeper

This 25 by 15 by 5 inches King-size rectangular memory foam pillow is made by Copper Fit and available in white. The package includes one pillow and currently holds 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon and is rated 3.6  for Comfort, 3.6 for Support, and 3.4 for Pain Relief. 

As per the seller’s description, you can sleep like an angel due to the fact that the pillow is made of adaptive memory foam that contours for proper spine and neck alignment. The pillow is designed for back and side sleepers and has a unique side cutout that allows you to rest your arm comfortably while you sleep. It comes with one soft copper-infused machine washable King size pillowcase.

According to the marketing claim of this product, the Copper Fit Angel helps reduce aches and stiffness in the neck, shoulders, and back. It features a shape with superior adaptive memory foam, posture-correct contours for proper spine and neck alignment, a unique cut-out that allows your arms to rest in a natural, comfortable sleep position, reduces pressure on your body for perfect rest and recovery, and is soft, copper-infused, and machine washable. The manufacturer also promises that the pillowcase will keep odors and bacteria at bay.

Standard Angel Ultimate Memory Foam Pillow

by Copper Fit 

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Copper Fit Standard Angel Ultimate Memory Foam Pillow 

This white pillow is designed for side and back sleepers and every package contains one pillow. The product currently holds a rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon. The main material used in the construction of this pillow is premium memory foam and it and the pillowcase are both machine washable.

The adaptive memory foam of this pillow contours for proper spine and neck alignment. A unique side cutout allows you to rest your arm comfortably while you sleep. You’ll need a 20 by 15 by 5 pillowcase for it, although it comes with a soft copper-infused machine-washable pillowcase in Queen/Standard size.

The manufacturer promises that the Angel Ultimate pillow can help reduce aches and stiffness on your neck, shoulders, and back. This is because it’s formed with superior adaptive memory foam and its posture-correct contours offer proper spine and neck alignment. Not only that, it reduces pressure on your body for perfect rest and recovery and its innovative cut-outs allow you to rest your arm in a natural, comfortable sleep position. The pillowcase is soft, copper-infused, and helps reduce odors and bacteria; it and the pillow can be washed in a machine.

Lumbar Support Pillow for Office Chair


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The Posture Pillow

This kind of pillow became popular over the past few decades as many of us prefer specialized pillows due to allergies and sleep position preferences. As you can see, posture pillows are a special therapeutic type that can help you sleep in a neutral position. This helps you maintain the neutral position of your spine and thus, your overall health. 

Posture pillows are also larger and therefore, better for your neck and shoulders than regular pillows. They usually have cutouts and have been ergonomically designed to fit specific parts of your body. The pillows are usually made of polyester fiberfill and polyurethane foam. Some models contain air for extra support. 

There are many designs out there and while most are for your bed, there are many others you can use on your car seats, office chairs, and even on your recliner. The purpose of these pillows is to promote a healthy posture by correcting it.

Good and Bad Sleeping Positions

There’s no such a thing as a perfect sleeping position although some sleeping experts think back sleeping might be the best as it promotes a neutral position of the spine. The only problem with this position is it’s bad for people with a sleep disorder known as sleep apnea. They often find themselves gasping for air when in this position which also promotes snoring. Also, some people don’t enjoy sleeping on their backs and some even wake up with a sore back.

Side sleeping is the best position for people with sleep apnea, a condition that commonly afflicts pregnant women. This is because it allows them to breathe better. However, it limits the blood flow to the side you’re sleeping on. In turn, stomach sleeping is the least favorable to a good night’s sleep as your neck and spine don’t align as they should. Not to mention how hard it is to find a pillow for this purpose, in fact, stomach sleepers often sleep without pillows.

So, try a thinner pillow if you’re a stomach sleeper, find one with cutouts for your arms so you don’t have to keep them under it. Stick to a thicker pillow if you sleep on your side or back for proper height and alignment between your neck, shoulders, hips, and spine.

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In Conclusion

The Angel pillow is advertised to help reduce the stiffness, and back and neck pain associated with an uncomfortable sleep position. It’s a unique ergonomic design shaped to accommodate your shoulders on its larger surface and your head on the smaller cushion. Its goal is to reduce the tension and guarantee an optimal posture.

The pillow is made of memory foam and the packaging doesn’t compress it too much so it’ll naturally conform to your head and neck. It might take you some time to adapt to it and sleep peacefully and restfully due to its uncommon shape, so be patient. It seems like a quality pillow but there are many others so you might be able to find a good alternative pillow more suitable for you.

For one, the Angel Sleeper pillow doesn’t have gel memory foam and these kinds of memory foam pillows often get extremely hot in the process. A bamboo pillow might be a better choice for you if you’re a hot sleeper. In addition, you’ll find the material uncomfortable if you sink too much into it.

Furthermore, $40-$60 is pricey and you might be able to find other quality pillows that are more conventional. In addition, this pillow doesn’t guarantee you a proper sleep trial like many others, only the 30-day return policy they add to their other products.

There are as many benefits to sleeping with a pillow as there are to sleeping without one. Such advantages vary from person to person and mainly depend on the sleeping position you tend to favor. Sleeping without a pillow is good for stomach sleepers but you might want to use one if you sleep on your back or side. In the end, opt for a pillow that keeps you comfortable at night and pain-free when you are awake. Lights out!

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