3 Best King Size Box Springs

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Many questions we see surrounding beds are usually the uncertain queries of “to get a box spring or to not get a box spring”. So, today we are answering your burning box spring questions once and for all. We will discuss when a box spring is an appropriate choice, how to measure for the right box spring, and we will offer you our top 3 picks that will be a valuable addition to your bed, rather than a waste of space.

What is a Box Spring?

Let’s start with the basics. What is a box spring? The answer might surprise you, but a box spring is simply one type of bed base out of many, usually measuring 76″x80″ and the profile you choose will fill in the last digit. The box spring seems to be the most known bed base, but it is becoming more and more irrelevant with the growing popularity of platform beds and such, which we’ll get into a bit deeper in a bit. The box spring serves as a shock absorber and an aid to the mattress’s life. It also is an added support to your comfort and can raise the height of your bed. The traditional box spring is typically made of wood or metal to make up the outer parameters which contain coils, and some are metal boxes containing wooden slats. But not everyone needs a box spring which we will discuss further in a few.

Weighing The Pros and Cons of Box Springs

When you take your type of mattress into account, you may discover that you either need a box spring or that you need something else entirely. So, let’s weigh out the pros and the cons of purchasing a box spring for your bed. The pros of a box spring may include the added bounce to your bed or the shock absorption the box spring has to offer. You may need a box spring if your mattress is of the innerspring kind or even the pocket coil mattress kind. The added support is nice to get the benefits the mattress has in store for you and the breathability of the box spring is also an added plus.

Now, on to the cons of using a box spring versus other bed bases. One thing about the box spring is that it will tend to sag over a length of time and the coils can lose their bounce or ability to support the mattress or you as well. Like all good things, it will eventually give way to life’s demands, and then you’ll have to replace it. The other thing about a box spring is that latex mattresses and memory foam mattresses aren’t compatible with the bed base at all. So, if you have either of these types of mattresses, you won’t want to use a box spring, but not to worry. We have the best suggestions for you to use as an alternative, keep reading to find them.

Different Types of Box Springs

This is where you make the bigger decisions for things like how high you want your bed to sit or bounce or no bounce. Through your taste and comfort needs, you’ll be able to judge the best box spring for your bed easily with the assistance of our fast guide. The profiles of the box springs include ultra-low which is 2″ to add to a platform bed or a mattress on the floor. Next, the low-profile box spring which gives you about 4.5-6″ of added height. Then, the standard box spring constitutes up to 9″ of additional height for your bed, and what your mattress is constructed of latex, innerspring, or foam. A traditional, or standard box spring will be best suited for an innerspring mattress. When you’re deciding on the profile you want, remember to know the height of your mattress too, to ensure that the added measurements are what you want.

Next, you want to know what type of support you are going for. If you want the give or bounce of the coil box spring, you will need to take into account the firmness of your mattress and what is best for you and your family. Zero deflection box springs are more similar to bed foundations. In the zero deflection box spring, there are wooden slats where the coils would be in standard box springs. This box spring is a great solution if you still want to raise your mattress even though it’s a latex or memory foam mattress.

Then the split box spring will be a great option for those who have a bigger mattress like a queen or a king. The way that the split bed spring is sewn makes transporting it through narrow doors or hallways and if you are rearranging your bedroom often the split box spring may be worth a second glance.

Lastly, the semi-flex box spring has a wooden frame with wooden slats that are topped with metal wiring to make the support more flexible. The prices of the semi-flex box springs are among the most expensive but are compatible with all mattress types.

Some Frequently Asked Box Spring Questions

A little added bonus to assure you that no question is a useless question. Let’s see if your embarrassing questions made the cut. The first question is actually a great question, “how long does a typical box spring last?”. The average life expectancy of a box spring is about 10 years, which is a wee bit longer than a lifespan of a mattress. One question asked was, “Does a box spring make a difference?”, and we say, absolutely. Besides the improvement in ventilation from the box spring, the box spring will help you feel the cooling properties of a cooling mattress. Even if not a cooling mattress, the airflow will still help the hot sleeper to cool down. And the last most frequently asked question on the internet was, “does a box spring help with back pain?”. Our answer to that is a strong possibility. There are add-ons to box springs nowadays that you can order with a box spring to promote back pain healing and with a medium-firm mattress you’re sure to be in the winner’s circle. Aside from the add-ons, the box spring will aid in distributing your weight across the mattress more evenly and with the added support of a box spring, you won’t experience any sagging or dips in the mattress. Also, if you ever need to file a claim with the warranty department about your mattress, you’ll want to have had a box spring underneath it for the life of the mattress to not have the warranty voided.

How to Know if You Even Need a Box Spring

We’ve already covered a lot about what a box spring is and what it’s for and we’ve also covered what you can look in for a box spring, but what if you don’t even need a box spring or you find that your mattress isn’t compatible with a box spring? Better yet, what if you’re not sure you even want a box spring. Well, here are a few alternatives to the box spring conundrum you may be experiencing.

A Mattress on the Floor

A quaint little minimal’s dream may be to have a set-up on the floor that can be quite charming. However, its practicality of it can have its downfalls. Unless you place your mattress atop a good box spring to avoid unnecessary wear of your mattress. Since the box spring lives to protect and ensure the longevity of a mattress, it is highly recommended that you employ a box spring to save you money and headaches later on.

Platform Bed Base

The ever-popular bed frame doesn’t require a box spring, as the frame surrounds the mattress to protect it from damage or regular wear. Although, there are some instances where a box spring can be used to give the height you desire. An ultra-low-profile box spring can allow the added height without compromising the integrity of the bed frame. Remember though, that the platform bed frame or base will not support a standard or low profile box spring successfully. If you add any box spring to the mix it should be the 2″ ultra-low profile box spring.

Foundation Box Springs

Foundations are great alternatives to the box spring because they are made of wooden slats rather than springs and are much easier to assemble. While the box spring is so airy and bouncy, they are mostly suitable for the innerspring mattresses anymore. The foundation will be more compatible with most mattresses like a memory foam mattress and a hybrid mattress. Many people often think that these two base options are the same but they are so very different in their construction although they are often called box springs anyway.

Adjustable Bed Bases

Finally, another alternative to the box spring is the adjustable bed base. The construction of the adjustable is so greatly different from the other options. Adjustable bed bases allow you to sleep in varying degrees of positions for the one in the house who snores, or the one who suffers from back pain issues. This bed base is exponentially growing in popularity because of the many sleep disturbances it mitigates. You can comfortably watch TV in bed and other activities can be done more comfortably with the inclined back support and some have the leg support for surgery recovery and more. These babies can be very expensive to own, though.

How to Choose a Box Spring

To start, the dimensions of a box spring can differ slightly from the measurements of a mattress that matches the standard size such as twin XL, Queen, King, etc. If you want some dead-on matching measurements for both the mattress and the box spring the best thing to do is buy a bundle with the same brand. For instance, the Zinus brand will often include a mattress or even a bed frame with the box spring to all be the perfect sleep set-up you want.

naked matress and box spring

Bed Height and Weight Maximums

We already have mentioned the profile of the box springs as general options. However, when you are ready to slip the box spring under your mattress consider the profile of your mattress before going all out on a 9″ box spring when you have a 12″ mattress profile to contend with. If you have a taller mattress, perhaps an ultra-low or a low (2″-5.5″ profile) would be the most practical option. However, with a low-profile mattress using a high-profile box spring could be practical for getting in and out of bed or even improving circulation, but you could ultimately employ any profile box spring successfully.

When considering the bed height, don’t forget to make sure that the box spring is strong enough to hold the mattress and you and any sleeping partners you may invite into bed with you. The weight of the whole shebang will also be affected by the firmness of your mattress.

Check Out the Upgrades of Newer Box Springs

Now, this can be cool! If you need to have a hypoallergenic option, they are widely available. What else that is widely available is an option for added back support. It’s all about the materials that the box spring is constructed from. So, be thorough in the best box spring search, you may find some great advancements in sleep necessities.

Snooze’s Top 3 Box Spring Picks for a King Size Bed

Now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for, “drum roll”. The absolute best bed spring options known to man. These three best box spring choices are going to be all that you ever wanted in a box spring that you never knew you needed. We have the smart steel quick as a snap assembly foundation box spring. We have varying profiles and all high-quality options. One other Zinus that could’ve made the list is the Zinus Edgar, but we found an identical Zinus foundation that proved more cost-effective. So, let’s get the party started.

Metal Box Spring with Wood Slats /7.5 Inch Mattress Foundation


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Zinus 7.5″ Foundation Spring

The first of the best box spring choices is the Zinus higher profile foundation which is metal around the perimeter topped with wooden slats to uphold your mattress and protect it. The foundations are typically compatible with all types of mattresses like a memory foam mattress, a latex mattress, or even a hybrid mattress. The alloy steel and closely spaced wooden slats are wrapped in a durable yet breathable knit polyester cover. This foundation only needs the mattress that rests upon it or a platform bed frame easily set it into after a breezy, easy assembly. The instructions and any tools you need to put it all together are provided in the package. Every foundation or box spring should display the weight limits like this Zinus 7.5″ foundation, which clearly states that the twin size holds 350 pounds while the larger sizes can hold 700 pounds combined weight of all who sleep upon it. The foundation carries a 5-year warranty with it., for hassle-free customer service for replacements or smart solutions for the longevity of your foundation, with more good nights of good, restful sleep.

Smart Box Spring Bed Base, 9-Inch Mattress Foundation

by Amazon Basics 

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Amazon Basics 9″ Smart Box Spring

The Amazon Basics is a very accommodating choice with 3 different profile options, 5″, 7″, and our choice, 9″. This box spring comes in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king to suit everyone’s sleep requirements. The assembly is simple enough, with the metal pieces folding outward to snap in place, but you can opt for the experts to come out to do it for you. The king-size box spring measures exactly 9 x 79 x 75.5 inches (HxLxW), and with that, you will measure your king-size mattress accordingly to see that it’s a perfect match. The all-alloy steel frame will support any innerspring mattress, memory foam mattress, or hybrid mattress that you will feel every time you go to sleep. You will never experience sagging or coils weakening with this all-steel frame.

9 Inch Metal Smart Box Spring


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Zinus 9″ Metal Smart Box Spring

This Zinus brand of all things sleep necessities never ceases to amaze us here at Snooze! This all-alloy steel smart box spring frame will come together in a snap- literally. Once it’s together you just zip the knit polyester cover-up over it and add a mattress or platform bed and VOILA!

The weight capacities are as follows, the twin can hold 350 pounds and the larger sizes can hold 700 pounds of the combined weight of all who sleep in your bed. You can get the original design or you can opt for a quicker to assemble frame for your box spring or foundation.

The Foundation of Your Dreams Starts Here

Where you are on your way to the best sleep take all the information shared here on Snooze and digest it to figure out exactly what you want in a mattress, a bed frame, or even a box spring. When you have all of the information you need your decision-making process will be a lot more refined because you’ll already have a mental image of all you want all put together even. A foundation or a box spring will offer support so good that you’ll be able to feel all the perks that are built into your mattress offering the best sleep solutions. The standard or traditional box springs will need to be put on a base of some kind like a steel bed frame or the platform bed frame. The foundation though will be the most versatile option for the setup. Just remember everything you need for the best sleep ever, depends largely on your comfort and taste, and there are hardly any wrong answers to better sleep accessories and equipment. As long as your not sleeping on an expired mattress or box spring, you really can’t go wrong.

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