What Is a Reading Pillow and How To Find the Right One for You

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Reading seems to have become a hobby people wish they could do but have no way to read comfortably. If you’re one of those people, a reading pillow may be the answer. Have you ever wanted to read a book, beginning to end, comfortably? What if you could have a sturdy way to look at your tablet while perusing your favorite apps? Maybe you wish you had a cozy husband to cuddle with on the sofa while you watch your favorite repeats of Friends? Well, if you answered YES to any of these scenarios, you may be in desperate need of a new reading pillow.

What Is a Reading Pillow?

Well, the name of the product is kind of a spoiler alert, the reading pillow, also lovingly called the husband pillow, And, yes, while the reading pillow fosters a healthy reading habit while maintaining a healthy posture and comfort; it does more than you might expect. In any event, the pillow will become a mainstay in your household once you get a load of the comfort and practicality you’ll experience with it. The reading pillow is a cozy addition to a couch, bed, or even the floor for those who enjoy a good look at today’s vacuum job. It’s portable too, so you can travel with it, ensuring an enjoyable trip. The versatile reading pillow will serve you time and time again, from traditional book reading to watching your favorite YouTube and TikTok videos. You’ve probably already guessed, but the husband pillow is a pillow that has a sturdy yet, soft back, with attached arms that emulate a person sitting behind you. The pillow supports your back while also keeping you cozy and warm- hence the name, “husband” pillow. With all the practical ways a reading pillow will serve you, you may be ready to sign into your Amazon account and buy one today. Be aware though, you will be bombarded by a ton of options, and you’ll need to know how to weed out the comically subpar reading pillows, and pick a reading pillow that won’t have you going to the UPS store for a return. Keep reading to discover information on how to find your perfect reading pillow.

What You Should Look for In a Husband Pillow

Not all husband pillows are created equally, just as husbands aren’t. We don’t have time for the latter, but we have wonderful guidelines to get you your best reading pillow behind you now. When you’re pursuing anything on Amazon or Wayfair, you’ll need a plan to execute your goals that are met timely and efficiently. It can be overwhelming and tiring to research a zillion pillows all on your own with no clear direction. We suggest that you start your search with these 4 elements in mind: style, functionality, durability, and comfort.

Personal Style in A Reading Pillow

While there aren’t many styles that deviate much from the original design. there are, however, various colors and patterns from which to choose. The best options for children will be found in the Vekkia reading pillows. However, if you’re an adult who likes tie-dye and unicorns, stick with Vekkia. Reading pillows are often filled with shredded memory foam and natural latex. Some reading pillows have a mixture of foam, polyester, and microfiber, while others contain a solitary microfiber fill or a solid memory foam. The best pillows are filled with shredded memory foam, memory foam, natural latex, and microfiber. If you’re looking for an ultra-luxe reading pillow set, you will find the best set is the Nestl 5-piece set. Choose a style that provides you with comfort and ergonomic advantages, like extra lumbar support or a pocketed pillow to hold all your books and electronics. It may be beneficial to think about the style options you prefer in a reading pillow before jumping in head-first. Ask yourself these questions:

How many pockets will you need in addition to the standard amount?

Do I want to have a solid color or am I looking for a cute pattern?

Do I need extra support with extra pillows or extra fill?

What fill will suit my needs?

Does Your Husband Pillow Function?

Aside from pockets to store your stuff and the extra lumbar support, what else can the pillow do for you? If you struggle with acid reflux diseases or back problems, you will be searching for a reading pillow that will alleviate GERD or lower back pain while you use it. If you are in the market for a recovery pillow due to an upcoming surgery, you will want the best option for your body’s recovery. A firm or medium firmness is the best choice for these issues. If you lack the strength to set up or move your reading pillow, consider a lightweight pillow for easy mobility. If you are simply wanting a cozy little piece of heaven in which you can drift off in a Pinterest daze, you may find a plush firmness fits your needs better. The reading pillow you choose should be a pay-off not a waste of space or money, so be sure you check off all the boxes that apply.

A Sturdy Reading Pillow

The sturdiness of your wedge pillow is an important feature, and as you may have noticed, the qualities you’re looking for all seem to overlap. This is where the confusion sets in, and it seems as if there is no real guidance. When you think of sturdiness or the lack thereof, you may imagine a sagging and shapeless pillow. And there are plenty of pillows that fit that bill, so choose carefully. A plush reading pillow should hold up even with constant use. A reading pillow built to last, contains a durable fill, and comes with a washable cover is most desirable. You may also want to have extra covers for the pillow, so you will need to make sure that the reading pillow you choose has that option or fits a universal cover. You want a backrest pillow that has excellent stitching, and the fill is incredibly suited to you. Not everyone will find shredded memory foam suits them but may benefit from a natural latex traditional pillow instead. Whichever you DO choose, the fill must be of high quality for longevity’s sake.

What You Will Want in A Husband…Pillow

Just to recap, the discovery of your new reading pillow should be an exciting one and not stressful or discouraging. This new pillow should last for years with proper care. You will benefit greatly by writing down all the answers to your questions. By writing down what you need in the reading pillow, you can easily discover the pillows that suit your needs best. We have the best picks for your needs in a bed rest pillow, relief of symptoms of acid reflux, back pain, mobility, comfort, and style. Are you ready?

Snooze’s Top 5 Picks: Best Reading Pillow Choice

This is the good part here. We have narrowed your search down to the best reading pillow options based on needs, style, design, durability, firmness, and more. These are ranked from the favorites to the very favorites, so the number one spot is the best reading pillow overall. Not to say that there weren’t a few ties for the golden spot, but the five choices here are all gems in their own rights. We hope you’ll be more than happy to nestle into your new happy place- wherever it is.

Bed Wedge Large Adult Backrest Lounge Cushion

by ComfortSpa

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5. ComfortSpa Reading Pillow

Our 5th favorite reading pillow is the wedge pillow. Its velour cover is incredibly soft! The ComfortSpa reading pillow or wedge pillow will elevate your body with its sturdy memory foam and polyester fill which offers a comfortable space to work or read. You can stuff the 2 pockets with your cell phone, your next book, the remote control, and anything else you may need like medications or a water bottle. A lightweight wedge pillow is a great option for those who have lowered motility issues because the small design and the total weight being 6 pounds allow independent setups and move to a new area of the house easily. This also makes this reading pillow or wedge pillow great for travel. Now, if you’re searching for a wedge pillow to alleviate symptoms of GERD or acid reflux, this is a great option because the upright position of the backrest pillow that’s attached to the wedge pillow is firm enough to hold the position all night. The pillow has arms that extend out 11 inches from the 18-inch-tall backrest of the pillow and has a neck roll which makes it great for those who suffer from neck and shoulder pain. The ComfortSpa reading pillow comes with a hassle-free and convenient return policy no matter how long you’ve had it, and the memory foam will never clump. Caring for this reading pillow will be a breeze as long as you use just a damp cloth to spot clean as needed.

Reading Pillow with Shredded Memory Foam

by Milliard 

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4. Milliard Reading Pillow

The Milliard Reading pillow comes from a long line of baby crib mattresses to bean bag chairs and now, reading pillows! This company is renowned for the comfort and durability of its wedge pillows. This wedge pillow is filled with shredded memory foam, is petite, and has a handle on the outer cover for easy mobility and travel. Milliard makes it easy to find your comfort level. The zippered outer velour cover allows you to remove or add the shredded foam to suit your needs. The Milliard reading pillow is a great solution for kids and adults to get relief from nasal congestion or heartburn in an upright sleep position. Its supportive design is also ideal for those suffering from back and shoulder pain. To clean your wedge pillow, simply unzip the outer cover and machine wash and dry. Extra fill and covers are sold separately on Amazon. You will get a vacuum-sealed pillow that will require 24 hours to expand and fluff up, it is recommended that you shake out the reading pillow for extra fluff and comfort. The reading pillows come in a variety of sizes to fit your individual needs, too. There is no security of a trial period or a warranty; however, these reading pillows are durable, and Amazon has a return policy that will cover you for 10 days.

XXL Dark Grey Backrest with Arms

by Husband Pillow 

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3. Husband Pillow XXL

Ah! The Husband Pillow! It’s extra, extra-large for maximum comfort and luxury! Speaking of luxury, the Husband Pillow XXL’s fill is a poly-foam fill with shredded foam that is US-CertiPUR certified clean and no harmful off-gassing. This polyfoam or shredded foam fill allows you to keep cool as you snuggle in the best wedge pillow. The loft is adjustable, and its removable cover makes the pillow versatile and a great option for alleviating shoulder pain. This wedge pillow is great for leisurely resting or following bed rest orders. This plush and luxurious pillow accommodates side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers. The Husband Pillow has two arm pockets, a back pocket, and a detachable neck roll. The removable micro plush cover comes in multiple colors so there are plenty of options. The Husband Pillow XXL is intentionally bigger than the competition and can supply you with extra shredded foam fill for an additional fee. Also, the removable cover is easily cleaned in the washer and dryer. With the 100-day hassle-free, 100% money-back guarantee, and a 3-year warranty – the Husband Pillow seems like a win-win.

Reading Pillow Standard Bed Pillow

by Nestl 

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2. Nestl Reading Pillow

Get excited now if you are a fan of color! The Nestl reading pillow is offered in many vibrant colors while the others so far have more neutral colors. This best of the best wedge pillow has colors that you can fall in love with. From dusty pink and aqua, to a parade of greens and blues, there are a total of 44 cover colors to choose from…so you color lovers can collect them all. Besides the color options, this reading pillow is easy to wash and dry. The Nestl even has a reading pillow bundled with a mini desk making for catching up on work using a laptop or relaxing by watching tv and looking up the best accessories for your new little desk and awesome wedge pillow combo. The shredded memory foam fill is adjustable. You can customize the fill mix at any time by accessing the fill through an inner zipper. Albeit all the reading pillows we have listed here have this same feature, the Nestl comes with more shredded foam fill options to maximize your sleep and relaxing experience. The Nestl reading pillow has a 5-piece orthopedic support pillow system you can purchase that has added lumbar support pillows, extra neck rolls and a two-cup cupholder. With all the options the Nestl reading pillow offers, you may have found the perfect fit for you!

Reading & Bed Rest Pillow with Support Arms

by Vekkia 

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1. Vekkia Reading Pillow with Extra Shredded Foam Fill

The top two picks are quite obviously about the colors and pattern, and here’s why…what’s more inviting than a bright, cheery reading pillow after a very long day? The vivid hues with its arms stretched out wide to welcome you in a warm and long embrace, not wanting to let you go and enjoys just holding you securely, comfortably as you knit a scarf or play your video games absent of all judgment. A dull or neutral hue may not invoke the same feelings, especially on your hardest of days wherein you may ignore the outstretched arms waiting for you to nestle betwixt them. Instead, you opt for the nearest piece of furniture not even noticing the reading pillow despite the need. Why? Well, because the neutral color of the removable cover is going to blend in with its surroundings and ultimately lead to neglect. So, for the worst of days, why not jump into the arms of the tie-dye unicorn patterned wedge pillow and forget all the worries of the day while you enjoy some good ole’ re-runs on your tablet or laptop as you drift to sleep? The Vekkia reading pillow has a great selection of styles, is practical, and comfortable. Plus, it includes a whole headrest rather than only a neck roll to keep your spine in a healthy alignment. The backrest pillow is a back pain-relieving pillow, by the way, it conforms to your body and keeps you in a healthy spinal position all night long, relieving sleep apnea symptoms and problems those wearing CPAP masks endure. The Vekkia reading pillow line also includes a children’s design of the removable covers and the size of the wedge pillows. And yes, the unicorn wedge pillow is suitable for all ages…kids, tweens, and even adults. The outer material of the removable cover is a faux fur material similar to a velour cover but, the feel of the faux fur material is the ultimate in luxury and offers a soft feel every time. The fill is a shredded foam, and the Vekkia has pillows with options for added fill to maximize your stability and comfort. And if you get the unicorn eyes, no one will tell on you, it’ll be our little secret.

Tablet Pillow Stand and iPad Holder

by Flippy 

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The Bonus for Our Favorite Readers – The Flippy Wedge Pillow

So, it would be unfair to not let you in on a little secret. Even though it’s not a reading pillow, it is a small, triangular book stand. It is soft and comes in quite a few patterns. It’s a Flippy wedge reading pillow. So, it’s not a pillow in a traditional sense but is cushioned to prevent it from tipping over as you follow a new recipe or peruse your tablet to see what’s trending on Pinterest. It Is suitable for all ages and has a drawstring closure to ensure its safety. The Flippy wedge is a great stand for your favorite books on your tablet and has three different angles from which to view your materials. This will also be an awesome addition to your reading pillow.

Keep Calm and Read More with Your New Reading Pillow

Well, that was easy and hopefully inciteful! Now the next part is up to you, with the best reading pillow narrowed down to five choices, it should make life much easier. What you do with your reading pillow is up to you, so make it work for you, and see how quickly you fall deeply in love with your husband’s pillow.

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